So its been three months since their confrontation with Trigon, and Dick has been having Jason, Gar and Rachel train to be a new better version of Titans. Jason is extremely frustrated with being sidelined by due to his experiences as being Batman’s sidekick, Dick thinks that Jason could teach the rest of the team a few things. now, I both agree and disagree with this because Jason is clearly unhinged and I would not want, as a leader, for his attitude to impact the rest of the team.

While Dick tries to get his new team trained he tries to add another member of the team in the form of Rose, who got into an incredibly public fight with the police and has one extremely injured eye, now if that sounds familiar than you wont be surprised who her father is, none other than Deathstroke himself. Now it seems that Rose is being chased by some people and Dick promises to help her but Dick has his own issues to deal with in the form of Doctor Light.

After Doctor Light is released from prison he start coming after the old members of Titans, first attacking Hank and Dawn who moved out to the farm side and have given up being vigilantes because it is the only for Hank to stay clean. Now Dawn on the other hand has been secretly going out at night doing the vigilante thing because she always saw it as a way to heal, just like Hank only for him it was not enough that is why he turned to drugs. I guess I know really understand why Hank’s dark dream given to him by Trigon was the way it was: he was afraid of dragging Dawn down with him but Hank puts his foot down at how dangerous being a vigilante can be and that there is no way that they can have the married with kids life if she continues this but her reaction to the ultimatum is cut short by Doctor Light. I agree with Hank but there has got to be a way to do this vigilante thing part-time so that it does not become their whole lives like for Dick.

Meanwhile Donna and Kory are doing some tag-team bounty hunting of their own and after going off on her own Kory is kidnapped by another Tamaran. I am guessing it is because of Kory’s reluctance to go home and considering that her kidnapper called her ‘Your Highness’ I think this is all just to facilitate her return to her home planet.

I understand why this was not the premiere episode of Titans but I do feel like this show need to be a tiny bit longer cause every time an episode ends, with some episodes being the exception, I always end with a feeling like they should be more. Anyway Roy Harper and Aqualad name drops.

Rating: 6.8/10