Hank, Dawn and Donna return to Titans Tower and are worried about what Dick has been up to with the kids (Jason, Gar and Rachel) but nothing causes a bigger blow out then when Dick tells them that Rose Wilson (AKA Deathstroke’s daughter) is also in the tower. Clearly everyone is unhappy and little flashes throughout the episode make it clear that their last run in with Deathstroke did not end so well but they all agree to put that aside to put an end to Doctor Light.

Being back gives Hank some nostalgia but Dawn reminds him that he couldn’t be Hawk without using drugs and that they both should look towards the future not their past. I wonder what storyline is in store for Hank and Dawn because the Farm plot is tired and unless they are setting up one of them dying or both of them completely returning (with extreme exceptions of course), I am finding myself more and more disinterested in their characters.

Donna seems to be the most agitated being back and continues to question Dick’s decision in starting up the Titans again. Dick states that he wants the new team to be better than the old team but Donna points out that since Dick hasn’t told them about their previous mistakes, how are they supposed to learn from them? I don’t even think Dick has learnt from them.

Jason is getting more and more on edge as Dick proceeds to continuously leave him out of all the Doctor Light business and I guess I kind of understand where he is coming from. I mean, Jason went from fighting alongside Batman, in Gotham, to being grouped with Gar and Rachel (who are by all accounts vigilante noobs) and being cooped up in Titans Tower, plus there is that whole competitiveness he has with the old Robin AKA Dick. So with all that in mind, is it any surprise that Jason confronts Dick and when Dick easily (and I mean in one move even) subdues him, he takes his bruised ego and Gar and goes looking for where Doctor Light could be hiding? When fighting Doctor Light though, Jason does get the upperhand but unbeknownst to him and everyone else Deathstroke is working with Doctor Light and was trying to separate the team for this exact purpose. Jason gets kidnapped by both Deathstroke and Doctor Light but I guess to everyone else it will just seem like it is just Doctor Light.

Meanwhile Kory has been served and is being convinced to return home to Tamaran to serve out her royal sentence AKA take the throne and become Queen, at first she thinks it is her parents that sent her former bodyguard (a member of the royal guard) but then he reveals that it is actually her sister, Blackfire, that sent him. Clearly there is some animosity there but Kory seems like she may actually be considering returning home when she receives a call from a very upset Rachel and chooses to stay. This is all sweet and all but more soldiers from Tamaran are going to show up on Earth looking for her and she is making the Titans central in an intergalactic struggle, I wonder if this will feed into the bigger plot for the season or if Deathstroke will be the big bad for the whole season.

Rating: 7.1/10

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