We get a look into the life of the Titans and their enemies 5 years ago.

Slade Wilson as Deathstroke is prolific as ever and yet somehow not on the radar of the Titans. Slade is spying on his son Jericho but his mom is clearly aware that Slade might be watching and tries to keep her son safe. Whether or not it is to keep him safe from Deathstroke’s enemies or from Slade is unknown, especially because Rose said that Slade killed him.

The old Titans team (made up of Hank, Dawn, Dick, Donna and Garth) are also prolific as they do their group vigilante thing with the exception of Donna who, ever since Garth joined the team, has been rattled and been isolating herself. Garth clearly has feelings for Donna but she tries to avoid him because she is trying to remain focused on her Amazonian destiny.

The more Garth pushes Donna the more afraid she becomes and because of her fear she makes the decision to go back to Themyscira as soon as possible. The fear Donna had of becoming a warrior and returning to Themyscira now coming second to the fear of her feelings for Garth. After her hook up with Garth, Donna tries to run away but after Garth confronts her she decides to be with him, it is in that unfortunate moment when Deathstroke kills Garth, starting this feud that has now, 5 years later, pulled the man out of retirement.

Another stray observation from this episode is how much more of lighthearted leader Dick is, after Garth dies Dawn tells him to become Batman and maybe that is when he goes down the brooding, violent path that led him to no longer want to be Robin. Now, it is funny how Dawn encouraged him to embrace such violence but then again maybe she did not think he would take it that far. All I know is that he seemed more of an open affectionate and welcoming leader and this definitely the kind of leader that the current Titans team could use.

With this whole episode pretty slow for plot, it did leave many questions: Deathstroke shot Garth but it seemed he also tried to shoot Donna so why did he never try and kill her again? Deathstroke is merely a hired gun so who sent him after the Garth and Donna? Or were the whole Titans the target? Dick obviously used Slade’s son Jericho to get to him so what happened there? Did the Titans get him killed? Was that what ended the old Titans team? If that’s so do you think the team are worried that Rose will find out that they were the reason her brother got killed by their father?

When I first watched this episode I got made that through all the promo and even the name of the episode, I thought we were going to get a Aqualad-centric episode but in retrospect I understand the show not wanting us to get invested in a guy they were going to be killing off at the end of the episode.

Rating: 6.9/10