If Deathstroke’s goal of kidnapping Jason was to cause fighting among the team, he succeeded because now that Gar is on edge because of what happened to Jason, he is now also complaining about being left out of Titans business, he feels it is because they don’t trust them. I am surprised that it took him this long to complain but I am not surprised that Rachel seems to be sort of fine with the situation because she is way too scared to fight because of her abilities she cannot control. Kory suggests that Rachel’s powers could be lashing out because she keeps suppressing them instead of embracing them. Then again Dick has not given each member of the team individual training or lessons specific to their abilities so even Gar seems to have reverted back to only being able to change into a tiger. Also is that tiger bigger than last season’s one?

Deathstroke removes Jason’s tracker, kills Doctor Light and plants the tracker on him for the Titans to find so he can finally reveal himself and establish communication with the Titans. He wants them to hand over Rose to him and he will give them Jason. Now, I know Slade wants his daughter but I was not sure if he was using this deal to get her or to mess with the team because it caused them to fight and separate, which is something he seemed to be planning for.

The team fight over the deal Deathstroke gave them with Donna and Hank leaning towards either letting Rose go and fend for herself or handing her over to Deathstroke. Unbeknownst to them Rose, Rachel and Gar are listening and Rose tries to escape the Tower but after her confrontation with Rachel where Rachel’s powers injure so bad that she looked like she has broken all of Rose’s bones, Rose begins to heal, including her bones correcting themselves, it was extremely freaky. Dawn then confronts Dick and tells him to shut down Titans otherwise she will and I agree, if Dick is not willing to share the Titans past with the new members then they are being targeted by enemies they don’t know and don’t know why. Keeping them informed would have made them be more cautious.

The Titans plan to take Deathstroke down for the last time but instead Dick tries to trade himself for Jason but Kory intervenes. A fight ensues and Deathstroke is able to drop Jason off of building despite Dick trying his hardest to hold onto him, Jason, still falls to what is probably his death. Deathstroke is an amazing fighter I mean Dick got overpowered by him so easily, it was like he was Jason and Deathstroke was Dick from the third episode. I like that Kory knows Dick so well that he would be so stupid and noble but I also feel like they are not doing this couple justice.

Rating: 7.1/10

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