Barry and Iris are dealing with the loss of Nora. While Barry has been running Team Flash ragged with ways to save people in the city, including creating MAC which is way to sort of stop crimes before they happen which is asking for trouble in my opinion because if you treat someone like a villain they will act like one. Iris is trying to be strong because Nora’s arrival actually gave insight into her future without Barry and now Nora is gone as well. It is such an emotional episode for them but definitely carried by Candice Patton when she said that line about how when the jacket got sucked up into the black hole and for moment she wished it sucked up her too, I was tearing up for real.

Killer Frost has been acting up (or not acting at all) lately because of her fear of both dying and dying without having gotten to live a full life because let’s face it she only get called upon when there is an emergency. So since Caitlin has agreed to hand over the reigns to Frost for a bit I guess we are only going to be seeing Caitlin in emergency situations, I mean she is the resident doctor and Bloodwork is a villain that is tied to her.

We get some backstory into Ramsey Rosso, we also got to see him get his powers. Now Ramsey is one of those people who believes that one should die fighting and so now that he knows he has the disease that his mother just died from, he is willing to do almost anything to save himself including injecting himself with dark matter even after Caitlin warned him that it could cause the person to become a metahuman. Now here is where I am confused, I mean injecting dark matter this way cannot be stable otherwise plenty of people would have tried by now so how are his powers going to work? I guess the more important question is how stable are his abilities going to be?

The Monitor arrives and reveals himself to be the one who destroyed Nora’s message to her parents. The Monitor did it to stop them or just Barry from hoping he could somehow change his future (the one about him disappearing in a crisis). When Iris states that it is supposed to be 5 years from now, he informs them that that is no longer the case and that Barry will have to fight in this upcoming crisis and that The Flash will die. Now many people are saying that since he said The Flash that maybe it will be another one to sacrifice themselves, I mean they are quite a bit of them from Jay Garrick, to Wally West and Jesse Quick.

Hopefully it is not someone as close to them as Wally but I wonder how Iris is going to handle the fact that she is now just getting to deal with her grief over Nora and now knows that at the end of this year her husband could be gone forever too.

Rating: 7.1/10

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