The Good:

Ja’Siah Young is an incredible actor already and he is so young, he’s comedic timing throughout the show is unmatched, not to mention he is such a cutie pie who loves his mom and dad.

That Mother and Son relationship is strong in this show with Dion feeling like he can tell his mom about his abilities and she has no problem scolding him when he disrespects Esperanza or when he uses his abilities too much.

Capturing the strong scary intensity of Dion being super-powered but also him being black therefore, his mother Nicole, having to caution him about his hyper-visibility to authorities already.

Plot Twist: The nice family friend is the bad guy (Pat). I am pretty sure we all thought that Pat may have been up to something shady at BIONA but for him to actually be the storm, that has been killing all these powered people, I was shocked to say the least. I loved how they slowly let us dislike him as a person (seeing how he conducted himself around Nicole) and then reveling him as the villain as well as how he became one because he suffers from Nice Guy Syndrome is fantastic and my only hope is men learn from this.

What is Nice Guy Syndrome? When a guy is only nice for reciprocation, basically they believe they deserve something from you because they are ‘nice’ to you.

The Questions:

Is BIONA completely innocent in this whole mess?

Do all Iceland people have the same abilities (invisibility and teleportation)? Because the farmer seemed to be able to do something with the earth/soil.

What created their abilities?

If the dark storm’s goal is to find powered people and kill/absorb them, where they created for that purpose? Or is the dark storm also a manifestation like the rest of everyone’s powers?

Is it actually possible to bring people who have been sucked up into the storm (Mark and Charlotte) back?

Rating: 7.9/10