Barry is reeling from what he learned from the visit from The Monitor (see previous episode) and Iris tries to remind him that they have changed the future before so Barry decides to travel to the day after he is set to die so that he can see what he is dealing with. Simple enough, right? Wrong. There’s a wall of anti-matter clogging up the speedforce so Barry decides to go visit Dr. Jay Garrick of Earth-3, as he is considered as an expert in the field. I knew there was going to be something that stops him from going to the future, there is no way it could be as easy as when we were dealing with Savitar.

Jay informs Barry that he has been detecting anti-matter across the multiverse and that they should actually try and see what is going to happen in the future by projecting Barry’s mind past the anti-matter barrier. Barry doesn’t just see the future but also billions of possible timelines as well as his death. Barry comes to Earth-1 accepting that he will die and that his death is the only way to save the multiverse, he becomes very martyr-like and Iris is not okay with him just giving in. At the end of it all I understand Iris but I also understand Barry, I mean he runs into danger all the time and this isn’t just to save the city or the world, this is all worlds and after experiencing everyone’s deaths, I understand why he is answering the call for this Crisis, despite what is going to happen.

Ramsey Rosso is trying to understand what is happening to him and, for him, that means trying to get his hands on more dark matter. Only we all know that dealing with criminals isn’t safe and in an effort to defend himself he accidentally basically kills a man. Now I said ‘basically’ because after Ramsey brings the man’s body back to his lab to study, he wakes up and seemingly attacks him. Is this guy a zombie? Or could he be like a mindless minion of Ramsey, who he just can’t control yet?

In the meanwhile, Killer Frost had to learn how to navigate the ins-and-outs of social person, as this is her first time being the dominant personality. Iris adds a journalist intern in reformed-criminal Allegra Garcia, hopefully her powers come in handy soon.

It was really nice to have Nora and Henry Allen doppelgangers because whenever John Wesley Shipp and Michelle Harrison are in an episode it’s filled with nothing but wisdom and a calming presence.

Rating: 7.2/10

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