So if you remember from last season Subject 13 escaped Cadmus labs with Krypto, choosing the name Conner. Now Conner is a clone of both Lex Luthor and Superman (Clark Kent) and so every so often Conner, who by all means is a toddler in emotional maturity, has flashes of both Lex and Clark’s life, these leads him down a road to Lex’s childhood home, where he is attacked by easily overpowers his attackers. The way he is so efficient with his abilities I couldn’t help but think how the Smallville Clark Kent could learn a thing or two from him. Conner is so desperate to find his ‘fathers’, obviously looking for meaning and a sense of belonging it’s almost sad how easily he is impressed upon.

Dr. Eve Watson tries to save Conner from Cadmus who she knows intent on bringing him either dead or harmed and even though she reasons it as preservation of her research, you can she cares for him and she tries to get him not use his powers or go looking for either of his ‘fathers’ but in a sense she is his mother. I guess she wants to reject that because she knows what the work she was doing with Cadmus was horrible, she’s a heavy-drinker and it seems like she’s into heavy partying, the woman is clearly a guilt-ridden mess.

When Eve finally realizes that Conner is more than the sum of both Lex and Superman and that he tries to do the right thing, therefore he has a sense of morality, she helps him and Krypto escape Cadmus one last time, if only for Conner to promise to not use his powers so he does not draw attention to himself. Clearly Mercy Graves and the rest of the Cadmus team don’t believe Eve about being on their side and why would they? Eve has made it clear she was not okay with them hurting Conner but more than that even though she tries to hide it, one can see that Eve has soft spot for him.

Conner escapes with Krypto, doing his best to ignore the injustices he sees along the way, which must mean he is learning quicker than we thought because young children don’t usually have that level of restraint. That being said when Conner sees Jason falling from the building (see previous episode), he jumps in to help only for him to be distracted long enough to be shot with Kryptonite bullets and for Krypto to be recaptured. Obviously now that he is in the wonderful hands of the Titans he has a fighting chance but what about Krypto?

Rating: 7.4/10