Oliver is sent to Earth-2 by The Monitor and to do his bidding, Oliver assumes the identity of Earth-2’s Oliver Queen, who was believed to be dead. We got a nice scene mirroring the premiere of the show only with some changes: Oliver’s mother (Moira) marrying Malcolm Merlyn and Thea being dead from an overdose. That was surprising because I was expecting Willa Holland back on the show, then again there is more of the season to come.

Oliver tries to retrieve what he was sent for, Dwarf Star particles, but is intercepted by The Hood, who is Adrian Chase. Adrian and Laurel Lance formerly known as Black Siren, now Black Canary have been working together as a team, maybe we will finally see Black Canary and Green Arrow together like in the comics. Now was anyone else confused by the fact that everyone was calling Adrian ‘The Hood’, I mean we all remember the episode of The Flash where they traveled to Earth-2 and Robert Queen was the Green Arrow, so why would they just not call him the Green Arrow again if he has taken up that mantle? Time travel shenanigans or plot hole?

Oliver defeats The Dark Archer, who is Tommy Merlyn on this Earth, driven mad by the death of Thea. It was really nice to see Colin Donnell again and I hope that this is not the last time we get to see him wield a bow and arrow. Despite the victory and retrieval of the Dwarf Star particles, everything and everyone on Earth-2 besides Laurel is vaporized by an anti-matter wave. Did anyone else see the hint from The Flash’s episode?

In the flash-forwards Connor Hawke, Mia Smoak, William Clayton and Zoe Ramirez have to deal with a more powerful Deathstroke gang led by John Diggle Jr. This revelation causes tension in the team when Connor becomes distracted, leading Mia to want to take control of the operation. That being said, you can tell she was having trouble following Connor’s lead anyway.

Rating: 7.8/10