The Monitor brings Oliver, Diggle and Laurel to Hong Kong, on Earth-1, to seek out biophysicist Robert Wong. The Monitor scolds Oliver for interfering with the fate of Laurel who should have vanished on Earth-2 with everyone else on that Earth. Oliver finds himself back up against the Triad and China White because Wong is being forced to recreate the Alpha/Omega Virus for them. Oliver finds himself unhappy with what he has to do to save the universe, like letting people die if the virus gets into the wrong hands. I am not surprised that eventually Oliver decides to hold off on handing Wong over to The Monitor. Oliver is not used to being the one to follow someone else’s lead but also The Monitor is withholding what The Monitor needs all these elements for. I just wonder how The Monitor will react to Oliver’s resistance, I mean technically The Monitor got what he wanted from Lyla anyway.

Laurel is upset over the outcome of the previous episode and she doesn’t want to admit that her Earth can actually be gone. The whole episode she tries everything she can to get back to her Earth. With help from Lyla, Laurel tracks down someone who can help her get back but breaks down when she has to come grips with the fact that Earth-2 really is gone. Man this is difficult, because you want to feel bad but just like Laurel said to Oliver, to everyone else Earth-2 just seems like a shadow version of their Earth and even though they understand the gravity of the situation, they can’t join in on the grief unlike Laurel.

In the flash-forward while William works on repairing the device obtained from the Deathstroke Gang, John Diggle Jr (JJ) and Connor try to talk it out. JJ reveals he has his men raid their bunker with William in it forcing the Team to let him go. JJ seemed like he struggled living up to his father’s name and Connor takes the blame for taking up all the attention but to be honest JJ really doesn’t seem willing to work it out.

Rating: 7.2/10