Accurate title for this episode that finds Ramsey Rosso and Barry having to work together after the zombie thug, that Ramsey killed in the previous episode, kills his whole crew in search of dark matter. This rings Caitlin/Killer Frost’s bells leading to Ramsey. Barry gets Frost to help him investigate, using this time to help her get on without him because, stupidly, him and Iris left out his fate during Crisis. Through this pairing I find myself realizing why having Frost ever so often is better than her being the dominant personality because she is sort of a hard personality to feel for. Maybe Frost is just not written well because Harry from Earth-2 was also a lot to deal with but it ended up working out well for the show.

Although having good reason not to trust Ramsey, Barry convinces him to help. Ramsey sees the same fear of death in Barry’s eyes and even though Barry tries to bond with him, Ramsey still prefers his isolation. Now, we all know why because first he is already injected himself with the dark matter, making him a metahuman, second cause he discovered that he could control the zombie thug and third cause he realized absorbing the blood of said strong zombie could increase his own strength and therefore heal himself.

Cisco and Iris stumble upon a Harrison Wells doppelganger who is and adventurer/debunker who had come to this Earth in search of “eternium”. At the end of the episode he finds it but who knows what or who it could lead to. I am here for a more hands-on Harrison Wells because it just shows us just how versatile Tom Cavanagh is.

Barry and Iris come clean about Barry’s fate during Crisis but Joe is not there. I wonder if they will tell him and I wonder how each member of the team will deal with it.

Rating: 6.8/10