Now that Jason is safely back, Dick is on a mission to find Deathstroke, Dick is clearly unhinged as he hallucinates Bruce Wayne, this may be because Dawn told him to become Bruce Wayne when it was time to find Deathstroke so he is just repeating past mistakes. This whole episode I thought Dick was being haunted by Bruce because he felt guilty over Jason being kidnapped and not being the one to save him and don’t get me wrong, he does feel guilty about that but I think Jason’s kidnapping and almost death, merely compounded the guilt Dick was feeling over putting another kid in danger like he did with Deathstroke’s son, Jericho. Dick claims he killed Jericho but his guilty conscience leaves me unconvinced that it was him directly.

Jason is clearly struggling with his near death experience and seems to be reliving it over and over again. At first I thought the visual was merely a way for us to see how it feels for him or how he experienced it but as the episode progressed and Hank, Donna and Rachel all fine mementos meant to induce painful memories. I thought that maybe it could be a sort of hypnotic sequence that Deathstroke put him under when everyone confronts Jason, him having no recollection of pointing any of these mementos, feels ambushed as he should and it pushes him to consider suicide. Dick finds him as he realizes Deathstroke is to blame and tries to talk him down, not sure if he is successful but I hope he is cause Jason doesn’t deserve to go out like that.

Eve frees Krypto to help her find Conner and she finds him in Titans Tower dying from Kryptonite poisoning so Kory uses her powers to help him. It is sweet moment because Eve accepts her mother figure role in Conner’s life and we got a glimpse at Krypto flying.

I think the Titans could use new leadership because Dick is damaged and so are the rest of the old Titans. The only person who seems like they can be is Kory, maybe it is because she’s an alien princess and therefore sees the bigger picture but the rest of them are messed up.

Rating: 7.0/10