We finally get the full story about Slade Wilson and his relationship with his son, Jericho. When Slade started being an assassin for hire, him and his family were targeted and in the ensuing chaos Jericho’s throat gets slashed. Now, at first the Titans are happy to get information out of Jericho but when they get what they want Dick is sent to cut ties. When Dick sees Jericho using his ability (he has the ability to possess people), he brings him back with the intention of inviting him to the team. Now, we all know that Dick loves to pick up strays but it is crazy how he doesn’t see how similar he is to Bruce. Dick was ready to hate Bruce for raising him to be Robin and doing the same Jason but every chance he gets he is ready to bring in children into the fold.

When Jericho leaves his mother, to join the Titans, after finding out what his dad does and and the fact that his mother lied to him, his mother goes to Slade to get him to fix things with their son. Slade sets up a meeting with Jericho. Jericho as you can see has grown attached to the Titans and the relationship he has with Dick is unlike the relationship Dick has with Bruce. It is so sweet and Jericho is such an innocent presence among these Titans that you can see why Dawn is reluctant to have him tainted by their damage.

Deathstroke kills Donna’s handler, Jillian, finishing his assignment as she was the intended target when Garth got killed, hence the multiple shots after the one that killed Garth. When Donna gets to the gallery she is confronted by Deathstroke, in what is probably the best fight this season , Donna is badly injured. When Dick arrives and sees the state Donna is, Dick goes to Deathstroke’s meet up with Jericho. In that ensuing battle, Jericho steps in to protect Dick, and Deathstroke kills him accidentally. It was so sad to see it end that way for Jericho, he was such a good kid and standing up to his father must have been so difficult. I am both proud and sad to see him go, Chella Man is such a good actor.

Everyone blames Dick for Jericho’s death and in a way they aren’t wrong. Dick is definitely not like Bruce in ways. Bruce Wayne is more of a strategist and would have tried to come with a plan to get to Deathstroke. There is no way Dick really thought he could take on Deathstroke on his own, not after just seeing what he did to Donna and she is Amazonian. Also, what would have been the outcome had Dick bested Deathstroke? How would Jericho have felt about that?

This is the episode I have been waiting for. It is a long time coming but at the same too late in the season. I don’t know what this episode is supposed to set up but usually, at this point in a season, flashback episodes are supposed to progress the story. I have feeling we are being set up for another disappointing finale from Titans, unless they can pull a rabbit out of a hat so late in the season.

Rating: 7.6/10