It is hard to set up a new world in a TV series but as Watchmen begins it actually reminds us of ACTUAL history. To be more specific Tulsa’s Black Wall Street massacre. In this version it focuses on a black child who loses his parents in the violence and escorts another orphaned baby to safety. Starting the episode out like this was good for three reasons:

  1. To depict that white supremacy never dies even in this Watchmen timeline.
  2. To indicate there’s a timeline for the Rorschach mask inspired white supremacist group, the Seventh Kalvary.
  3. To tie in what is clearly a conspiracy surrounding the reemergence of the Seventh Kalvary and the death of Chief Crawford.

When a police officer is shot by a member of the Seventh Kalvary, in present day, the police officers worry that the sudden reemergence of the group spells danger for them. Police officers, wear masks even around each other, to protect their identities because of a couple of years ago when the Seventh Kalvary attacked police officers in their homes, the details of the attack are not fledged out but I am going to guess that it may form part of the bigger conspiracy. Despite more guidelines put in place to make sure police officers can only carry guns on request or use excessive force, Chief Crawford rules to override this until all the Seventh Kalvary is caught and/or killed. It is an interesting world that before only vigilantes and criminals wore masks but now, vigilantes, criminals and police officers wear masks, so now it is more difficult to discern the good and bad when they all wear masks.

At the end of the episode we see Adrian Veidt living in isolation with what can only be servants, who by the way seem extremely brainwashed. Obviously this is crazy because we saw a newspaper article in the during the episode announcing his death. I wonder if this is a way to continue on with his plans without the scrutiny because let’s not lie being known as the smartest man alive, a known former vigilante and an extremely rich businessman, in 2019 makes for some extreme attention. Then again he was able to continue on with his plan, for making Dr. Manhattan leave the planet without anyone really knowing what he was up to until it was too late so we will just have to wait until it is revealed.

Rating: 8.2/10