On Nanda Parbat, Oliver teams up with Thea when he reveals to her about him dying and that he is looking for more information on The Monitor (AKA Mar Novu). I am not going to lie, Thea’s reaction to the news that Oliver is going to die, she was just like so what? We hear that all the time and considering all the people in Oliver’s life that have died and come back, I’m not surprised she’s so chilled.

Thea defeats Talia Al ‘Ghul in a battle, finally taking her place as the Demon’s Head but obviously Thea has no interest in the League of Assassins but gets Talia on board with creating a new team known as the League of Heroes. I am proud of Thea, she probably has the best character development within the Arrowverse. She’s no longer just Oliver’s little sister and it shows, Thea’s one character who wears her scars, like the one on her face.

Oliver finds out more about Crisis, AKA that Mar Novu is causing it, well at least that is why the text they acquired says. Now, we all know that this cannot be true but it merely just solidifies the distrust Oliver had in him. Meanwhile when Lyla and Diggle are on assignment, you can feel the tension as Lyla is keeping the fact that she is working with The Monitor a secret.

The Monitor was obviously keeping track of Oliver and all the people he felt was needed in this Crisis because Oliver and Diggle are teleported back to the Arrowcave. Now in the future the New Team go up against the Deathstroke Gang and John Diggle Jr kills Zoe Ramirez but in the moment, The Monitor teleports Mia, William and Connor to 2019 in the Arrowcave as well. It is a bittersweet moment as Dinah and Rene finally find out Oliver is alive and Mia and William can spend some time with their father but Rene and Diggle are going to have a lot to learn about their children.

Rating: 8.4/10