Team Flash is reeling from the revelation of Barry’s fate during Crisis. As a whole I am surprised that Team Flash is so chilled with the possibility of Barry’s death. Like Cisco’s reaction is understandable and Joe’s was emotional as hell but still. Team Flash is such an inquisitive bunch, you would think that their reaction would be to research this Crisis to death but nothing. Really? Is it because Arrow is doing it too? So maybe it would be too much Crisis if both shows did it especially because they play back to back? Iris your daughter just vanished and your husband is about to die which means you will never have said daughter, what is your reaction?

Turns out Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells has been tracking The Monitor’s movements, whether or not this will finally force Team Flash to confront this Crisis head on is vital to this season finally picking up intensity-wise.

Ramsey tries to recreate the blood that strengthened him. Barry comes by with the serum from McCulloch Technologies and when that fails Ramsey loses all hope. With flashbacks from dealing with his mom before her diagnosis Ramsey seems fueled by the missing ingredient he apparently needs from the blood: adrenaline. The Flash has never had a villain like this before and I don’t know hot to feel about it. Ramsey is completely driven by his need to survive and there is no mystery there, which is making for an awful first couple of episodes for his character.

Considering the way the episode ended and considering how they had to stop the previous zombie, by killing him, I am not sure how they are going to deal with the carnage that Ramsey leaves in his wake. I am not sure if defeating him is going to be as satisfying but figuring out how to stop all that he does to people may not to be all that difficult, well considering how it has been going for now.

Rating: 6.7/10