Dick decides to finally come clean to the rest of the Titans. Turns out he was lying to them the whole time, he told them that Jericho was dead when he got to the church, in the previous episode, but in actual fact Jericho died protecting him. Everyone is, like they should be, angry with Dick and leaves Titans Tower except Gar and Kory, who only leaves to take care of her Tamaran business but Dick feeling completely alone finally decides to pay his respects to Jericho’s mother. Now, I don’t know what I was expecting but the fact that she was not ready to accept Dick’s apology was one thing but acting as if Slade had nothing to do with it and letting him in her home is another. Am I the only one who thinks she is not completely aware of how Jericho died? AKA at the hands of Slade? Or is she just in denial? Either way Slade tells Dick that if he ever tries to reunite the Titans he will make his life a living hell like he just did. Slade is no joke and I love it, he is a killer but more than that his form of torment has Dick acting out, trying to get arrested. But that display is hollow because let’s not act like Bruce Wayne can’t get him out of that situation real quick.

So Hank and Dawn seem to be having a good time being back on the farm until they are confronted by the boy they were trying to help’s sister, the one who got killed by Dr Light. Hank and Dawn deal with their part in his death but Hank comes to the conclusion that I have been low-key thinking about for a while. Hank feels that since him and Dawn are only bonded by death their relationship, friends then lovers, has been nothing but toxic and I agree. More than that Dawn has a tendency to bring out the good and the bad in the men she is with, she is the one who told Dick to embrace his inner Bruce Wayne which led to Jericho and when Hank had quit being Hawk after his brother’s death she got him back into it and therefore starting his history with substance abuse, which she also helped facilitate for a while. Now these men make their own choices but it is not great that she has been there whispering in their ear along the way.

When Dick leaves Gar in charge of taking care of Conner, it all seems boring as he is alone but when Conner wakes up Gar was supposed to contact Bruce Wayne. Now, that seemed simple enough right? But Bruce doesn’t answer and considering that Bruce is Batman and a part of the Justice League, basically this is a long winded way to say that he is a busy man and cannot be at the beck and call of the Titans. With all that being said, I am pretty sure Dick should have contacted Bruce before Conner even woke up so he was aware because leaving that to Gar was unfair. Gar bonds with Conner and takes him out the Tower where Conner mistakes police officers for the bad guys and causes a whole lot of destruction. Poor baby, but he has a lot to learn and Gar panics and leaves him and I have got a feeling that this last part of the season is going to require the Titans to get back together to help Conner because there is no way that Cadmus Labs is not aware of him after the public display he put on.

With all that being said I loved the budding friendship between Gar and Conner and hope that through this friendship Gar will finally be able to shapeshift into something other than a tiger. Kory had to deal with some family issues, I wonder now that her sister has destroyed her only means of getting off the planet if she plans on sending more people after her or if she just getting prepared. I am loving the fact that we could be getting more Kory-centric storyline as well as some alien fights in the next season because there is no way that it can be concluded by the end of this season.

Rating: 8.1/10