Angela takes the elderly man, claiming to have killed Chief Judd, to her hideout. He keeps trying to reiterate how he did it but Angela, and I am sure the rest of us watching, don’t believe he is really capable. He claims that Judd had skeletons in his closet and even though he doesn’t further explain, I figured Judd was hiding something. The way the whole episode is structured really has you seeing the parallel between Judd and a member of the Seventh Kalvary, who stood over Angela when her home was attacked during the White Night.

Angela investigates two things. First using the coffee cup she had given to Will, the elderly man, Angela gets his DNA and goes to a museum, where you can submit your DNA and figure out if you have descendants and are entitled to some money. Second she attends Judd’s sort of wake, where she literally searches his closet and finds a Ku Klux Klan uniform hidden. Unlike me, Angela thinks Will or his partners, planted the uniform but clearly Judd either was involved in white supremacy, or is a sort of plant/double agent from the Seventh Kalvary. Now, I saw people thinking the KKK uniform could have belonged to a member of his family but why keep it? Whether Judd switched over to the good side or is a bad guy and just really cared for Angela is yet to be determined.

Angela discovers that Will is actually her grandfather and was not kidding when he said that he has friends in high places. Angela finally decides to turn Will over to the police, either because she finally feels bad over the police over-policing those who may have connections to the Seventh Kalvary AKA those who live in Nixonville or because she is tired of him not giving her direct answers to her questions but either way it doesn’t matter because higher forces have a hold of Will now.

The Lord (who we know is, supposedly dead, Adrian Veidt) puts on a play about Dr Manahattan with his servants, who I was correct in assuming were made by him as they are all clones. The man is clearly fixated on Dr Manhattan and it’s extremely ominous especially because we know that Dr Manhattan is close to Earth.

Rating: 8.3/10

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