Agent Laurie Blake (retired Silk Spectre, now using her biological father’s name AKA The Comedian AKA Edward Blake) is a part of the FBI’s Anti-Vigilante Task Force, ironic considering her well known past. Now it seems like everyone was forced to quit being a vigilante, she obviously did but maybe Nite Owl, Hollis Mason or Daniel Dreiberg, didn’t quit landing himself in jail. Now she makes a deal with Senator Joe Keene Jr., who clealry has his own political ambitions) to take on Chief Judd’s murder in exchange for releasing Nite Owl.

Laurie eventually tracks down the Tulsa police as they round up and question suspected Seventh Kalvary members. Laurie is so unphased by how the Tulsa police behave, of course she used to be Silk Spectre. I am also not surprised that she poked fun at them by asking how you can tell the difference between masked police and masked criminals because the Tulsa police behave like however they feel like. Laurie has obviously made peace with her biological origin even leaning into the Comedian character, I wonder how she got there. Laurie eventually gets to talk to Angela and tells her all about how she knows about the wheelchair tracks by the body and the empty mannequin hidden in Judd’s closet but Angela doesn’t budge and I’m not surprised she’s still wrapping her head around it all. That being said Laurie clearly doesn’t believe that Angela doesn’t know about what she discovered.

Later that night Laurie uses a special phone booth to talk to Dr Manhattan telling him a brick joke. She wonders if he even cares anymore but as she leaves a car drops down right in front of her making her believe he heard the joke. Now there are four possibilities here:

  1. Dr Manhattan dropped a random car just to let Laurie know he heard her.
  2. Dr Manhattan dropped Angela’s car to both show he heard her and give her a message about Angela.
  3. The people who helped Will escape dropped the car to get Laurie to investigate further.
  4. This has nothing to do with Laurie, the car was dropped where it was taken in the previous episode.

Adrian Veidt is having trouble with testing out a protective suit with one of his clones. To get more material for his suit Adrian tries to hunt a bison but is stopped by the “Game Warden” who reminds him of his imprisonment. Now, Adrian is the smartest man in the world so the only logical explanation is that Dr Manhattan has him imprisoned so whether that is an Earth or wherever Dr Manhattan is unknown but Adrian decides to put on his Ozymandias outfit to go on the hunt again so I guess more answers are coming soon.

Could Will be working for people that have ties to Dr Manhattan or is it with Dr Manhattan directly? Then again why would Dr Manhattan get involved in the business of humans after all this time?

Rating: 8.7/10