This episode we get a very Cisco-centric plot when Breacher comes to Earth-1 and informs Cisco of Gypsy’s death. Gypsy died hunting a hacker by the name of Echo. I am not going to lie I was expecting more nuances and emotion because Cisco and Gypsy were connected by their powers but more than that I was upset that they made it seem like Cisco could never really get rid of his powers completely. For me that would have been a better storyline because Echo being one of Cisco’s doppelgangers and that is what caused Gypsy to hesitate and then Echo framing Cisco was fun but really lacking in depth.

I mean I knew that this was gong to be a Cisco-centric episode but I really thought that we could have at least gotten some form of Crisis on Infinite Earths tie-in because we all saw Cisco, in Barry’s vision, in his Vibe gear. Meaning that some time before the crossover Cisco is going to get back into the superhero game, unless that is also going to be a doppelganger.

Meanwhile Killer Frost is doing all she can to track down Ramsey Rosso and stop him. Now, I don’t know if Killer Frost is completely good but she definitely has not lived up to her name so could this be the villain that gets her really close to actually killing someone? I wonder. Anyway Ramsey tries to offer Caitlin immortality although I am not sure if he was offering her a chance to be one his zombies or just an ability to have access to his blood-goo-thing, therefore allowing her to heal like he does. Maybe Caitlin should play double agent, so she can see what is actually going on with his body so that we can get rid of Killer Frost for a while because we are only five episodes in and I am already tired of her.

Elsewhere being in the only one who has never trusted a Harrison Wells, Joe follows Nash Wells down into the same sewer system from the previous episode. After becoming trapped Joe reveals to Nash about Crisis and The Monitor and Nash claims to have something or idea that can save Barry. Now Joe is usually the wise one throughout this show but lately he has become a tiny bit preachy and maybe it is for the characters you know, you have to have faith and believe in the badge/symbol but I find myself get tired of listening to him instead of I don’t know maybe doing his job. I know Crisis is all the rage but maybe they can just go back to a week to week villain you know? Where’s Mirror Master and Top?

Rating: 6.6/10