It was no mistake that tense was in the title of this episode because it was exactly that: tense. Of course Future Team Arrow are more shocked to see Present Team Arrow obviously because they haven’t dealt with magic on this level yet. William and Connor are excited to see their respective parents but Mia is obviously more hesitant and even contemplates confront baby J.J. Despite being more knowledgeable about the future of each member of Present Team Arrow, Future Team Arrow agree to not tell the old team about their futures probably choosing to spare them from the future they literally just left.

While Connor and William relish in the ability to interact with their parents, Mia remains aloof and rigid, making Oliver emotional over the state of his relationship with his kids. I think what would have shocked me the most if I was Oliver was that Mia and William didn’t grow up together or even know about each other, I mean if I was Oliver, I would have made sure that they knew each other and maybe that can be the one thing Oliver tries to change for the future. Connor is so excited to be around Diggle, trying his best to impress but I think that might not just be because of his excitement to see him but also because of what he was doing before they got teleported to the past: trying to kill J.J.

When what seems like the beginnings of the Deathstroke Gang making waves in the city, Future Team Arrow worry that they weren’t the only ones who got teleported into the past and that maybe J.J. did too. So, obviously to spare their parents from what they know about the future, Future Team Arrow goes looking for the leader of the Deathstroke Gang themselves. When Present Team Arrow shows up and saves they are forced to reveal the truth about the future. It was so nice to see Present Team Arrow school the Future Team on how to handle situations. Obviously Rene is the most upset because not only does he find out that he became a corrupt politician but that his daughter got killed, but not just by anyone but by his friend’s son. Diggle uses this to lash out at Connor and I am not going to lie I felt for the guy, even though he takes the blame for how J.J. turned out, people make their own decisions and they did not turn out bad. To be honest I don’t know if I would ever like to see J.J. become good but I do know that I would like to see him maybe come face-to-face with his father.

So I guess Lyla ain’t the only one The Monitor is trying to recruit as he shows up and makes Laurel an offer to bring back Earth-2 but to do so she must betray Oliver. Now, do I think she is going to do it? Maybe, for a little while but her conscience is obviously going to betray her and she may flip back. Now, Oliver also now knows of a weapon that can possibly kill The Monitor but I find myself worried that The Monitor could be what is holding The Anti-Monitor back, I mean not well but still, and if Oliver kills him, it could actually lead to Crisis on Infinite Earths. That would mean that The Monitor is collecting people and powers in one place, Earth-1, getting them ready to make ultimate sacrifices so that they can take down The Anti-Monitor. This would require him to be extremely omnipotent and yet I find myself unconvinced of that.

Rating: 7.7/10