So Titans this week dives head first into the white savior complex and I guess maybe it fits so well because Dick has his own savior complex. Dick find himself incarcerated where is constantly met with the guards trying to recruit him as a snitch because of his past as a police officer. Honestly, I actually forgot that Dick was a police officer, they really should lean into that more. Dick tries to serve his sentence and remain uninvolved in the activities of the prison but gets caught up when his cell mates find themselves in such dire circumstances that they have no choice but to escape. Dick pretends to be the uncaring bad ass but of course helps his cell mates escape. I really find myself growing more and more disinterested in the character that is Dick Grayson, he is so predictable and now we are in a situation where we have to deal with him in prison.

Meanwhile Rachel is hiding from everyone at a homeless shelter, while Donna keeps looking for. How anyone has heard that Dick has been arrested is beyond me. I mean not only is Dick a police officer that got arrested at the airport but he is also the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, doesn’t anyone else think that that would be newsworthy? Rachel tries to make friends with another girl when she uses her powers to save her from her abusive boyfriend. All seems well until remnants from her powers escape, attack and kill her friends boyfriend. This seems like such a weird episode to bring up the fact that Rachel has been suppressing her powers that being said of course her powers act out like this because she refuses to embrace them. Now Rachel is going to have to deal with all the damage her powers may do on their own and I wonder how Donna is going to handle it or if she really just needs Kory.

Of course Cadmus Labs becomes aware of Conner’s antics from the previous episode and do everything they can to hunt him down. Conner obviously realizes what he did was wrong so he tries to lay low and sends Krypto away. Krypto finds Gar and they both go looking for Conner. Gar, unlike his counterparts, has no problem coming face to face with the person he let down, Conner and convinces him to come back to the Tower but it is already to late as Cadmus tracks them down and captures them all. Am I surprised that Cadmus has heard of Dr. Niles Caulder AKA The Chief? No. Also now that we know about the fact that The Chief made each member of the Doom Patrol on purpose, is there a scenario where Gar finds this out or finds out that he too was made on purpose? Also I am extremely worried about the fact that Cadmus now not only has Conner but Gar too especially because Cadmus is directly associated with Lex Luthor. Now am I the only one begging for a Bruce Wayne intervention?

With each of the Titans in such extreme circumstances: Dick in jail and probably in more trouble, Gar and Conner captured by Cadmus, Hank and Dawn broken up, Kory waging war on her sister Queen of Tamaran and Rachel’s powers roaming around and killing people, I find myself wondering if the Titans will actually ever be formed by the end of the season. I doubt or maybe just half of the team will but I am kind of tired of waiting for the show to reach its actual point which is: the superhero team up.

Rating: 6.8/10