So Lady Trieu, one of the richest woman in the world and the woman who bought Adrian Veidt’s company buys out the farmland of an Oklahoma couple moments before an object from space crashes onto the property. She is very persuasive and clearly a shady person but are we surprised that someone connected to Adrian Veidt is also so calculating and odd?

So Laurie Blake starts to piece together the events of the night that Chief Judd was killed. With Angela’s car returned Laurie takes her along where almost everyone they come across knows about her secret identity, at this point the mask is not even useful. Laurie realizes that Angela’s car was probably taken by one of Lady Trieu’s drones and when they go to investigate, surprise surprise she asks Angela, in Vietnamese so Laurie doesn’t understand, about her grandfather’s, Will’s, pills. Obviously Lady Trieu’s connection to Adrian Veidt is not coincidental and the fact that Laurie knows Adrian pretty well can’t also be a coincidence. Now what is interesting to me is it is never really explored about how Laurie feels about the fact that it was Angela’s car that got thrown down and that maybe it may not have been Dr Manhattan that put it back.

With all this talk about Will, it seems he really is highly connected because despite her protests to the contrary it is clear that she knows Will and was the one that picked him up in episode 2. Now add on the fact that she has a statue of Adrian Veidt and therefore regards him highly and the fact that she is clearly getting something from out of space and is building some sort of clock tower, I can’t help but think that she is connected to either Adrian or Dr Manhattan. I find myself leaning towards more Dr Manhattan that being said, one cannot ignore the fact that it is coincidental that Adrian is trying to escape at the same time that all of this happening.

Adrian is a smart man and I would not be surprised if killing off all of those clones and testing the limits of his prison could actually be what is the mysterious object that crashed from space. That would mean Adrian is not on Earth but whether or not he knows that is debatable. Also Adrian was going on about how he only came to think of this place as a prison/punishment later on so maybe in the beginning he didn’t know. That being said Dr Manhattan has to be the only one capable of imprisoning Adrian and if that is so then why is he not more vigilant about Adrian’s exploits. I mean I know that Adrian was sent a warning about not trying to escape but I cannot possibly imagine Dr Manhattan not being more strict with Adrian considering what he has done.

This season so far is amazing and I find myself more and more intrigued because every-time we get an answer to at least one question we get a million more questions.

Rating: 8.5/10