So much to unpack this episode so let’s start with Dick. Dick who is now in isolation, in prison, is having his visions of Bruce Wayne in a way trying to help him realise something. So first I like this vision of Bruce Wayne a lot more than the one we saw in the Bruce Wayne episode. Bruce is a lot more of Dick’s logical mind, helping him sort through clues and hints. We also get to see a bit of this Bruce fight with Dick, which is something that I was hoping to see cause I have been waiting to see Bruce Wayne throw down, although imaginary since they said he was going to be appearing this season. Dick then, through Bruce’s imaginary prompting, realises that Jericho is still alive, inside Slade. Now that is a hard one to explain, I wonder how that happened but more than that, is there a chance that Jericho could come back whole? Maybe, then again Slade would rather die than hand over his son again so it is going to take a lot to get Jericho back.

Donna, Kory, Rachel and Dawn all experience weird prompting on their solo travels. I am not going to lie I thought Rachel was lowkey, subconsciously trying to get them to unite. I mean the boys are in trouble, so the women now have to take the lead. Kory seems to be drowning her sorrows over the fact that she is marooned on Earth and that her sister killed her parents. For a woman who tried to make it seem like she hated every aspect of her life on Tamaran and was enjoying Earth, she seems to be unhappy with this outcome. Now I thought she would be more invigorated to get herself home but I guess she has lost hope. When all the women arrive, I thought it was a coincidence but in walks a very real Bruce Wayne. Bruce lured the women to the diner to sort of choose to get back together again and help Dick and Gar but when they learn of Dick’s circumstances only Rachel and Kory plan to help Dick. Dawn and Donna go to rescue Gar. I am not surprised that only Rachel and Kory want to help Dick, but I also know that Gar is the more vulnerable of the two and could use the more immediate attention but I guess priorities are different.

Gar is being experimented on by Cadmus Labs. I mean I knew that they were going to use some weird brainwashing thing to make Gar believe that he is a Titan but the fact that these guys turned sweet innocent Gar into a trigger happy animal is so wrong. Cadmus Labs can weaponise Gar by being able to trigger his shapeshift and making it so that Gar would even brutally attack Rachel, someone who we all know he cares about. I have no idea how the Titans are going to be able to get Gar out of this but more than that I have no idea how they are going to reprogram him. With Cadmus Labs backed by Lex Luthor, it will take an actual army to get to him and Conner out of there and I don’t know if it can be done.

Meanwhile, it has been speculated but we finally have confirmation that Rose has been working with her father Slade this whole time. It feels extra wrong that she has latched on to Jason especially considering all he has been through. I always felt that the energy I felt coming off of them together never felt right and I always thought it was coming from him. I hope Jason can come back from this but he is so fragile as is that this might be it for him.

With the state that Gar is in, I can’t help but blame both Dick and the rest of the older Titans. It is not on Dick alone that Jericho was in the position to almost get killed but Dick should not have left Gar to take care of Conner alone especially cause they had no idea who was after him or how powerful they were. It is going to take all of them to get Gar out, it is time for people to suit up for the first time in the present.

Rating: 7.5/10