So we get little history into Wade Tillman, who has reasons for his strange behaviour and fixation with mirrors. When Wade was younger he was in New Jersey when a powerful psychic blast killed everyone around him and a giant squid had been teleported to New York. I mean Wade attends support group meetings and seems to be helping the other people that attend but he is still running emergency drills and surrounds himself with reflective surfaces, like the tinfoil in his cap. I feel bad for the guy but I thought that since he kept a stable job and had a marriage that it might have just been a phase he was experiencing after Chief Judd’s murder.

So Agent Laurie Blake is still very suspicious of Angela and therefore bugs a plant on Wade’s desk. Wade keeps Angela secret at first. Now when Wade gets familiar with a woman from his PTSD meeting, he finds out she is a Kalvary member and follows her and once he sees that the rest of the members are testing what can only be a teleportation device, Wade confronts them. It was very brave of him to do so because most people with his fear would have hidden but I can’t help but think about how easily manipulated he was when Senator Joe Keene Jr. revealed himself. Of course, I thought the guy was shady but it seems he is trying to recreate events that led to the election of Robert Redford as President. I.e. Adrian Veidt teleporting the giant squid into New York. Clearly Senator Keene is interested in becoming President and thinks that if he can do so then he will fulfill his political dreams.

So Wade reeling from the revelation of the truth behind the giant squid arrival rats out Angela to Agent Blake and she gets arrested. Now you would think that Wade doing this would mean that he is finally over his fear but it becomes abundantly clear that he is still a bit scared. That being said considering that he did all Senator Keene needed him to do, it is of no surprise that Kalvary members show up probably tasked with killing him, I mean he is a loose end. Now there are multiple ways of interpreting this situation either the Seventh Kalvary in Oklahoma no longer exists and the people wearing masks are just doing so cause Senator Keene wants them to or Senator Keene is using the Kalvary as a way to get what he wants. The Senator himself does seem that much of a devoted member/believer.

If you were not sure whether or not Adrian was on Earth or not you now have your answer. Adrian uses the suit he built and tested out on his clones to shoot himself where he uses the dead bodies of his former clones to spell out a message to a nearby satellite. Despite his success, the Game Warden arrests him for violating the terms of his imprisonment. Now I have the feeling that we are finally going to get a glimpse into who the person or thing that is imprisoning Adrian because even though I am sure it is Dr Manhattan, I doubt he would let Adrian get this far in his escape plan. That being said I doubt anybody besides Dr Manhattan could imprison Adrian with an unlimited number of clones.

Now I find myself with many questions about what is going on but I am starting to think that Senator Keene is not as smart as he thinks he is because he did not plan Chief Judd’s murder which means it messed with his plan. That means that either Angela’s grandfather, Will, and Lady Trieu are working to take down Senator Keene because they work for Adrian and don’t want it to happen again or because they know that it could lead to the worldwide revelation of what Adrian did. If that is the case they could be working for anyone who benefited from Adrian dropping that giant squid on New York because the realisation of it all being a hoax could take down many people.

Rating: 8.3/10