Laurel learns that Lyla is working with The Monitor. Laurel scolds Lyla but eventually agrees to seal the weapon plans before Oliver can get to them. Now, I am so surprised that Laurel did not try to get more information about how Lyla got involved with The Monitor in the first place. Was Lyla offered the same deal Laurel was? What made Lyla agree to it? I mean I think she had to be shown, first-hand, what would happen if her mission with The Monitor failed, cause she always looks so afraid.

The team heads to Russia to steal plans to a generator weapon that requires Plutonium. I was actually surprised that Oliver asked Mia and William to accompany him and Laurel to Russia but when they got there and Oliver seemed extremely reluctant to be honest about his time there, I was comforted in knowing that he stills sees them as children. Oliver tries everything he can to keep his children out of the mission but when push comes to shove, they help him, Laurel and Anatoly acquire the weapon’s plans. I loved the ‘ring the bell’ scene where Oliver could actually see what Mia is capable of because even though she may be a novice to the bow and arrow game, she is an amazing fighter.

Meanwhile Diggle recruits the help of a reluctant Roy to help him steal Plutonium. Diggle informs Roy of the future but more than that he tries the best he can to change Roy’s future because even though he did eventually get over his isolation, it took forever long. Roy is still trying to isolate himself but Diggle reminds him of his purpose and where he belongs, with a team. I hope that now that he is on board we can somehow get a resolution between him and Thea because she definitely deserves a happy life, away from all the violence.

All in all Oliver learned that the only way his children can learn from him fully is to tell them all of history, good and bad, Diggle is able to convince Roy to stay on with the team and Laurel refuses The Monitor and Lyla’s deal. I knew that this euphoric mood wouldn’t last, its Arrow after all. Lyla is exposed to the rest of the team but before any confronting can happen Diggle, Laurel and Oliver are shot with poison darts. Obviously Lyla came prepared but I wonder what she is going to do with them. Is she going to try and convince them of her mission with The Monitor? Or she going to hand them over to The Monitor? I know that technically The Monitor is not omnipotent but I have feeling he knew of Team Arrow’s plans anyway so I wonder if he’ll even care about their discovery of Lyla’s loyalties.

Rating: 7.2/10