Ralph follows a lead regarding the disappearance of Sue Dearbon, the woman he has been looking for since the summer. Barry decides to tag along in an effort to do what he did with both Cisco and Killer Frost, which is get him prepared for after Crisis. This was all crazy to me, Barry choosing Cisco as the team leader made sense to me but now he makes Ralph AKA The Elongated Man, the hero of Central City? Like Does Wally West not exist anymore? The only reason he left was because they didn’t need another speedster.

Barry actually learns a thing or two from Ralph when they infiltrate a criminal gala in search of hints to Ralph’s case. I actually forgot until this episode that even though Barry works for CCPD, he is not actually a cop and so his inability to act well under pressure was actually portrayed correctly. With the mess\s caused by the fact that they find themselves having to rely on their secret identities, Ralph gets no further in his case but foils Esperanza AKA Ultraviolet and Remington Meister. Unless this case with Sue heats up in a big way, I can’t help but keep thinking that it is a boring distraction to the storylines of the season.

Meanwhile Cecile, who is clearly lacking in clients for her firm, where she is a defense attorney for meta-humans, tries to help Chester Runk get his life back on track, now that he is stable. Cecile offers Chester a seat at the Team Flash table and I can’t help but feel sort of uncomfortable about it because first she doesn’t work too often enough with Team Flash to know whether or not he will be wanted let alone needed and second she should not have been the one to bond with him or elevate him to that status. I would have like to see a daddy-daughter team up to get Chester’s life back on track but more importantly that would have left some room for them to talk about their feelings concerning Barry just going from team member to team member, trying to get them well-adjusted for after Crisis.

Nash Wells gets Allegra to help him to get through a wall filled with eternium because of her abilities. Now hands up if you thought that him just revealing stuff was sort of sloppy writing? I mean I guess I understand that he does not know the rules of this Earth but The Flash always has these terrible writing slip ups that they have to correct later on in the season and since Allegra Garcia is supposed to be Ultraviolet, a villain. I wonder if they are going to try and make her a hero the same way they did Killer Frost only Killer Frost had a good storyline as an introduction as opposed to the lackluster arrival of Allegra Garcia. I wanted her to be more like a young Iris West-Allen (Iris West circa Season 1), wide eyed, maybe a bit naive but always chasing down stories into dangerous situations.

So clearly Ralph’s kidnapping, at the end of the episode, was just a way for Ramsey Rosso to get to either The Flash or Barry Allen. Considering the trailer for the next episode I wonder if Ramsey is actually the reason Barry changes him mindset on how he plans on going into Crisis on Infinite Earths because Barry could really use a change. Chester is clearly being set up as the replacement for Cisco and I really didn’t think they had to give him powers to do so, they could have easily have let it be for later on.

Rating: 6.2/10