So it seems that Gar is being used, by Cadmus labs, to use his powers out in public. Now, of course, it seems random but it is pretty clear that Cadmus is using him to attack a carnival. Even though it seems like they are following a clear plan and one it’s members, after being interrogated by Dawn and Donna, reveals that they are stages to their plan, it does not seem clear what that plan is. We see Cadmus use Gar but they also seem to want to weaponise both him and Conner for some reason but I am still not sure what that reason could be. That being said there is a growing theory that this is all a ploy to get people’s views on vigilantes to turn negative.

Unable to find Dick, Kory convinces Rachel to go back to San Francisco so they can also rescue Gar. I irritated in both women this episode, first for giving up so easy when they did not find Dick and second for not trying to figure themselves out. Rachel and Kory both have issues to sort out and even though Rachel believes her dreams mean something and maybe they do, she is still resisting them so it is making hard to trust her judgement on the matter. Kory is deep depression and is causing her powers to act up but she is supposed to be stronger than this, I can’t believe I find myself liking the amnesiac version of her more. Also, why did they not, immediately, tell Dawn and Donna about Dick thinking Jericho is alive?

Dick is on the run but makes a stop by Slade’s house where Adeline confirms what he already knows, that Jericho is alive in Slade’s mind. So Jericho’s body perished but his consciousness remains a prisoner in his father’s head and even though Slade seems to have been having the upper hand Jericho is slowly breaking through. I wonder what it will mean if Jericho does break through to the surface. I mean is there a scenario where Jericho can go back to being himself? I doubt it, then again Jericho does not seem so concerned about himself as he repeatedly tries to kill his father.

We get some flashbacks into Rose’s life, before meeting the Titans, when she finally admits to Jason about her working with Slade. I am disappointed in how easily manipulated Rose was into working with her father in such a way, she even let him cut out her eye. I thought she was stronger-willed than that well it seems like she was considering the way she was portraying herself. Then again it seems all if Slade’s children were easy prey to their fathers lies and manipulations. I am more concerned about what this setback could do to Jason, he is so fragile already. He is a good kid despite his attitude but he didn’t deserve all of this and now he seems to be going at it on his own, we all know that is not going to end well.

With all this going on Hank is back to being a disappointing drug-addict who cannot get it together to even remember that he sold his costume. I hope he sorts out his demons but more than that I hope remembers why he became Hawk in the first place and who he fought alongside, first his brother and then Dawn, who I may have my issues with but she, just like his brother, was always good at getting Hank to see the good in the world and in himself. Plus the self-deprecating to this extent makes his return all the more important, I won’t be surprised though if he decides to completely retire though. It would also help my issue with the fact that they are just far too many characters on this show and now a character like Gar cannot even get that much writing attention even though he is supposed to be one of the main ones.

Rating: 7.7/10