Oliver and Laurel are stuck in repeating loop where Oliver finds himself in Star City where at a gala with Quentin Lance, the mayor, mercenaries take over the Star City Police Station and demand to speak to the mayor. Each time Oliver and Laurel try to save Quentin, he gets blown up or shot at etc. etc. It’s funny how Quentin is being used in this loop because usually when Oliver needs to be taught a lesson they use Tommy. Do you know who I would have loved to have seen? Oliver’s father, Robert Queen but considering that this lesson needed to be learnt by Laurel as well, I guess Quentin made sense.

Laurel tries all she can to save Quentin but eventually comes to terms with the fact that he is gone. Laurel realises that all she ever wanted to do was to tell him how much he changed her and to tell him goodbye. It is honestly a sweet moment because we all know the ups and downs Laurel and Quentin’s relationship has taken but I felt like that lesson was out of place. Laurel stopped fighting after saying goodbye to Quentin but what’s that got to do with The Monitor? I mean was all of this put into place just to give Laurel a chance to say goodbye to Quentin? I guess since Laurel never agreed to betray Oliver she proved herself a hero and finally getting peace with Quentin was her reward. Although super sweet, it is extremely out of place and not a lesson needed to be taught. Why wasn’t Diggle involved?

Oliver still fights to save Quentin’s life even after Laurel gets removed from the loop. I couldn’t help scream at Oliver to let it go, Quentin is dead out of this loop anyway, it is not like changing his fate in this loop would ever change reality and then it hit me. Oliver is using Quentin as a way to fight his fate, which you would think he has come to grips with especially knowing that in the future Mia and William grow up without him. Yet, Oliver’s mission to take down The Monitor, thinking he can stop Crisis, was all a ploy just to change his fate. Lyla convinces him that even though she too realised how hard it was to do The Monitor’s bidding, she did it to save her family and everyone else and Oliver is supposed to be doing the same thing. It is not only a part of the deal he made but also the reason he is a hero.

So despite my thoughts about how The Monitor is not omnipotent, he knew what Team Arrow was up to and what Oliver was struggling with, in fact, that is the reason he brought Future Team Arrow to see him so that he can spend time with them. Again, I would like to point out that I doubt he can see all that goes on but I am guessing that he needs to make sure that all the heroes involved in this Crisis are not just powerful but strong-willed too because I am sure that it won’t just be one hero we lose this time around and everyone is going to need to keep pushing. Now that Team Arrow are on Lian Yu I wonder what the final element The Monitor needs them to acquire.

Rating: 7.1/10