Team Arrow are on Lian Yu because of all the immense amount of strange energy it has been giving off. Lyla tasks the team to create the weapon while the plutonium is being brought to the island by Rene, Dinah and Roy. Lyla must have seen what happens in the future because there is no way she could have such blind loyalty to The Monitor’s plan even going as far as not knowing what the weapon does.

After the plane Rene, Dinah and Roy are on gets shot down, the team have no time to think about what the weapon does and try to get to the plutonium as quick as possible. It is then that Oliver has to come face to face with many of the people he dealt with back when he first got on the island, including Edward Fyers, Billy Wintergreen and Yao Fei. It is then that we realise that these people are being revived by the islands supernatural power. This island has always been weird to me but the fact that every time there is an energy spike, people come back to life, you would think that someone would have noticed by now. Or maybe these people only came back because of the presence of Oliver?

Team Arrow fight off so many soldiers as they try to buy William time to build the weapon, only then it appears as if someone’s DNA signature is needed to activate it. I am not going to lie it seemed really obvious that it would be Oliver and maybe that is why it was not him but Lyla. It appears as if the supernatural energy gets absorbed by Lyla, this finally causes all the revived inhabitants of the island to disappear, it is then Lyla enters, where she goes is an unknown. So I guess we finally have Harbinger’s origin story, Lyla was the weapon that The Monitor needed to create to get them fighting against Crisis. It’s kind of ironic that this whole time they were working to make Lyla into a weapon without knowing it, hell she did not even know but I am hear for it.

So Team Arrow are all ready for the Crisis with Lyla now going full blown Harbinger, and Roy with an amputated arm, it seems it is time for them to get ready for it.

Arrow has been doing what I wished The Flash would, which is tackle the emotions of knowing one’s fate, as Barry and Oliver have sort of similar futures they know, it feels so sad every time an episode of Arrow ends, yet this one had me ready to fight.

Rating: 6.9/10