After getting infected by Ramsey’s blood after their fight, Ralph is in need of a blood transfusion which only Barry can do but unfortunately when Barry does perform the transfusion he gets infected by Ramsey’s blood. Now I never actually thought that Ramsey was smart enough to know that this would happen but considering he is so connected to all the cells in the blood as soon as it did happen he probably became aware of it. Ramsey’s blood slowly works to take over Barry and it was such emotional time for Barry.

The Speed force, in the form of Barry’s mother Nora, tries to warn Barry about what Ramsey’s is doing and tries to get him to fight. Now At first Barry is doing a pretty good job but Ramsey basically has an all access pass to Barry’s mind, including his memories, and Ramsey starts to manipulate him to give into him. Ramsey taps into Barry’s fears about his death in Crisis and what that could mean for the people in his life, ranging from leaving his Iris behind, to never getting to see his daughter or raise her. At first, Barry is doing his best to fight him off but I can’t lie even I got emotional as Barry is sort of tortured by the life he could never have because of his impending death. Grant Gustin did a really great job, the scene where he begs Ramsey as he tries to hold his daughter Nora, even though he knows it’s not real is the kind of emotion I have been waiting to see from this season of The Flash. This episode tapped into a sort dormant side of Barry because he has been going around acting cool about his fate in Crisis but this episode showed that he was not.

The Speed force and Ramsey sort of fight over Barry’s soul and I was a huge fan of the confrontation that he has with the speed force. I think it would be easy to see all he has in terms of powers and forget about what he has lost but even the speed force itself has taken on the forms of people in his life to manipulate him and force him to make decisions. I keep going back to Barry being stuck in the speed force prison and how he does not remember his time there. Anyway it was struggle over the soul of The Flash and in the last moments of the first part, it seems Ramsey has won.

We don’t get a lot of Barry in the second part as he has officially become the minion, Black Flash, of Ramsey’s. It’s funny how different a villain Ramsey is, like his knowing of The Flash’s secret identity, Barry Allen, is such a inconsequential part of what he wants to accomplish. Anyway Ramsey uses Barry to turn other people in the city and it soon becomes a war zone as people in the city start becoming zombies or start running scared from each other.

Iris and Cisco fight over what the best plan for taking down Ramsey and Barry would be, with Iris wanting to focus on Barry and Cisco wanting to take down Ramsey. It is funny that a confrontation like this has not happened yet because it was only in this episode that I was reminded that there was a point in time where Iris was the leader of Team Flash while Barry was in the speed force prison, even for a while after he got out. So it is funny to see how these two people who have both been leaders of this team take on the problem. Both of them end up failing as it is almost impossible to take down Barry with Ramsey still in control and it is impossible to take down Ramsey with Barry and his other zombies to protect him.

In the end, it becomes clear that even though Barry has been taken over, he still has somewhat control of his faculties and he leaves clues for both Iris and Cisco to see that not only should they have both been working together on a plan but to trust in Barry never actually going to the dark side. With the particle accelerater they are able to turn everyone back to normal including Barry and they are able to imprison Ramsey. Ramsey is a difficult one because I am not sure if they are going to want to let him die but it is not like he is dying from something that was man made, so it is not really their problem. Then again, they can’t keep him in that holding cell thing until he dies naturally and they definitely can’t let him out so I wonder when what they plan on doing with him after this.

All in all a pretty emotional roller-coaster for Team Flash as they just got Barry back and then they have to say goodbye to him as Crisis looms over them. I am surprised that there was no super emotional moment between him and Iris because she also seemed to be struggling with beginning to write the article about him disappearing in Crisis. I think that maybe they wanted to make it seem like she was being strong for him because I doubt they wanted to focus on such emotions when we are sure that he will come back from this. That being said they missed out on many opportunities to tap into flashbacks of Barry’s life and what he means to all of them. Anyway Crisis starts and it is time to get amped.

Rating: 6.9/10