While Angela receives treatment for all the Nostalgia she took in the previous episode, we get a look into her life as a child. There is a lot of parallels that can be made between her and her grandfather: both being orphaned young and both being drawn to the work of law enforcement. Although Angela is experiencing her own memories there are a lot moments when you can see she makes a connection to the memories of her grandfather. At first I was not sure if she was experiencing this because of the leftover effects of Nostalgia or because we were told by Lady Trieu that the tube she has in her is connected to her grandfather but at the end of the episode we find out that she is not connected to her grandfather at all but an elephant. This works on so many levels because first there is that whole saying about “Elephants never forget” and the fact that there is secret AKA elephant in the room. We figure this all out right when Lady Trieu gives her speech about Nostalgia and how she had hoped it would help people, which in Angela’s case it sort of did.

While Angela receives a weird psychological test from Bian, Lady Trieu’s daughter, we find out that she has been having dreams of being a old women and living a completely different life. When Angela confronts Lady Trieu about this information she has no problem telling Angela that Bian is actually a clone of her mother and that she has been feeding her memories of her old life while she sleeps. This seems kind of cruel but Lady Trieu states it’s because she want s her parents with her when she reaches her goal and that her father will be joining soon, now who her father might be is up for discussion: Adrian Veidt? Edward Blake? So again, it is funny that she talks about Nostalgia like the reason she invented it was so people could learn from their past and not obsess over it and then she turns around and basically tries to recreate her family, like she’s not over her past. That being said Lady Trieu’s whole plan might actually revolve around her just trying to get her parents back.

There is a lot of tension between Lady Trieu and Angela as they both try to figure each other out. Lady Trieu eventually tires of the games and confronts Angela. First we realise that Lady Trieu is in control of all those Dr Manhattan booths around the world, people use those booths as sort of a way to get their prayers out but Lady Trieu reveals that there is no way that Dr Manhattan can even hear them because he is not even on Mars. Turns out, according to Lady Trieu, Dr Manhattan is on Earth and has been hiding as human this whole time. Which is a huge flashback to what Angela’s grandfather was saying back in episode 2 but even more than that Lady Trieu makes it clear she knows that Angela knows who Dr Manhattan is. Angela then breaks out of Lady Trieu’s facility and rushes home, only to reveal that Lady Trieu was correct and that Dr Manhattan has been hiding as Angela’s husband Cal Abar. Like I thought that maybe she knew who Dr Manhattan was but the fact that he has been hiding in plain sight, as her husband, this whole time explains so much. It explains why she is so on edge all the time and acts like she’s invincible and it also explains why she and Laurie had such tension between them.

Laurie Blake has been listening to a tape she made of Angela, when she was out of it on Nostalgia and from that she starts to put the pieces of not just the history of the original Minutemen but also of Chief Crawford. Now Laurie’s mistake is that she also thinks she’s sort invincible because not only does she not share her theories with anyone else, she actually goes and confronts Chief Crawford’s wife about her suspicions that he was involved in “Cyclops” which evolved into the Seventh Kalvary. Laurie assumes what I did which is that the Seventh Kalvary plan on delivering some plan that could make Senator Joe Keene President like Redford but instead they plan on using the device to find Dr Manhattan so that they can bind him and become him. From the way that these guys are talking you would think that they think that Dr Manhattan is not on Earth, right? But then why did they send a bunch of Kalvary members to watch Angela’s house? To only make sure she was still under police custody? Was getting Wade to snitch on Angela just a way to get her out of the way? Or was it all just to make sure justice was served for their fallen member in Chief Crawford?

With this episode filled with so many hints and clues as to what is going to go on in the future I can’t help but think about the things we did not get resolution on. First, it seems that Adrian Veidt is experiencing a day for us as a year and even though he seems completely uncaring and unmoved by the goings on of the court he seems like really is in pain over this whole punishment. Adrian is definitely being tortured and one can argue that he kind of deserves it. Wade is clearly alive and on the run from the Kalvary, who do you think he can even turn to? Who is Lady Trieu’s father? And what is her connection with Adrian? If Dr Manhattan has been Cal this whole time, who has been keeping Adrian imprisoned?

Rating: 9.1/10