Part 1 – Supergirl

So all the heroes were gathered on to Earth-38. Harbinger makes it seem like Earth-38 is the difference between winning and losing so why weren’t Superman and Supergirl involved in this Crisis earlier? Also if Earth-1 is going to be the last remaining Earth would it not have been simpler to say that the Earth needed to be evacuated? With Earth-38 people showing up on Earth-1, I guess the multiverse is exposed right, I mean it would be a little weird if people’s doppelgangers started showing up? Oliver Queen dies at the end of the episode and I am not going to lie it was EXTREMELY disappointing. There was no way any of us could muster up enough emotion for a man who we know has to return by episode 3. I guess him dying did set the stakes for the rest of the heroes. Pariah shows up as well and I can’t help but think that it would have been nice to have gotten a scene when he realises that it is not The Monitor he was tracking, but the Anti-Monitor.
Special Cameos: Burt Ward (Earth-66); Robert Wuhl (Earth-89); Wil Wheaton (Earth-38); Griffin Newman (Earth-1)

Part 1 Rating: 5.8/10

Part 2 – Batwoman

With the help of the Waverider and Ray Palmer, the heroes help recruit people for certain paragons that are supposed to help stop the coming Crisis. Apparently, Felicity helped The Monitor decode it and while the teams are split up to help look for the Paragon of Courage (The Bat of the future) and the Paragon of Truth (a mysterious Kryptonian, who has suffered loss way more than a mortal man can endure), Barry and Mia work to get Oliver back using the Lazarus Pit. Kate and Kara are disappointed by the Bruce Wayne they meet on Earth-99 who is both evil and bitter. I am not going to lie despite the negative reaction from fans about the plotline of this Bruce Wayne, I can’t help but think that it was only put there to set up a sort of doubt in Kate about Kara. See they are supposed to be friends but even Kate can’t help but be subtly influenced by the idea that Supergirl and Superman could be dangerous. I like the idea that Kate could take the place of Oliver because remember in Crisis on Earth-X Oliver had a Kryptonite arrow probably for Supergirl, so he always has contingencies for all heroes and maybe Kate should too. Lois, Iris and Clark jump from Earth to Earth looking for the specific Superman that is meant to be a Paragon but Lex is hot on their tail and tries to kill all of the Supermen but is luckily foiled. Barry, Sara and Mia can bring back Oliver but John Constantine is not able to bring back his soul because of the wave of Anti-Matter dampening his powers. The Paragon of Courage is actually meant to be Kate and the Paragon of Truth is none other than Kingdom Come Superman AKA Clark Kent on Earth-96.
Special Cameos: Erica Durance & Tom Welling (Earth-167); Kevin Conroy (Earth-99)

Part 2 Rating: 6.4/10

Part 3 – The Flash

Everything in this episode was better than its two predecessors, even the music. Everyone splits up well enough tackling different problems as they work to save the multiverse. Diggle, Mia and Constantine travel to purgatory to get Oliver’s soul back but when Oliver is confronted by Jim Corrigan on taking up the role of Spectre, Oliver decides to stay in purgatory to figure it out. Iris, Ray and Ralph go looking for the last Paragon of Humanity, Ryan Choi. Ryan takes some convincing to help them but honestly, I am surprised that he even may join the Legends after this considering he has a wife and newborn baby. Like he seems like his life is going great. Meanwhile, Barry, Cisco (officially made Vibe again by The Monitor), Killer Frost got looking for the origin of the wave of anti-matter and Pariah helps them enter the Anti-Monitor’s lair where Barry realises that Flash-90 is being used to power the Anti-Monitor’s wave cannon. When they can get Flash-90 off they realise that the Anti-Monitor put a fail-safe in place to make sure if Flash-90 ever got off it, it would erupt and destroy all Earths simultaneously. Pariah gets Black Lightning to help contain the energy coming off the canon. Jefferson brought all the emotions to the surface when he got angry at Pariah for saving him instead of his family. They can get him to help but it is not enough and Flash-90 sacrifices himself to destroy the canon. Honestly, John Wesley-Shipp dying anytime always hurts because he brings such amazing feeling to his scenes but losing him as his original version of The Flash was extremely painful and the fact that they actually showed that flashback from the original Flash show was even more emotional. Why would you do that? I’m crying here. All of it doesn’t matter anyway because the Anti-Monitor uses Harbinger to restart the Anti-Matter wave destroying Earth-1 and eventually all the rest of the heroes. Luckily Pariah can save all of the Paragons but then Lex being Lex and being the only one to have read the Book of Destiny knew what was going to happen and wrote himself in Clark Kent’s place. Look I may not be a big fan of this version of Lex but I think that in this case, he is definitely someone who they are going to need, he is one of the smartest men in the comics.
Special Cameos: Ashley Scott (Earth-203); Tom Ellis (Earth-666);

Part 3 Rating: 7.0/10

Total Rating: 6.4/10