This episode we get some insight into the relationship between Angela and Dr. Manhattan. In Vietnam, in 2009, on the anniversary of her parents’ death, Angela sits in a bar commiserating over her loss when Dr. Manhattan attempts to flirt with her. Angela is all around reluctant to let him in and I am not going to lie, I understand why. Dr. Manhattan (John) introduces himself but she doesn’t believe him including him telling her all about their lives. We get to look at how he got the human form he was in for ten years. So at first, I thought he went into the body of a dead human and don’t get me wrong, the human was dead but Will was right, Dr. Manhattan can take on the form of humans. I am not going to lie I don’t know how she could cope being in a relationship with him, I mean she does get frustrated with him but the way he talks even pisses me off, it’s like he is both present in the conversation and not at the same time. All while they have their relationship he is constantly living in the present and the future. He knows what their lives together are going to be and he just goes along with it. I mean he knows they are going to fight and he doesn’t try to avoid it, it’s frustrating really.

Adrian meanwhile, can’t seem to be happy with his success over getting President Redford elected and stopping a nuclear war and in a surprising twist, he is the one who asks Dr. Manhattan if he could be put on the ‘utopia’-like place on Europa. Dr. Manhattan had created a closed eco-system on Europa but after creating clones, he left because if their obsession with pleasing and worshiping him. Here is my thing with Adrian, he is widely considered the smartest man on the planet and people loved him, but he got tired with the self-sabotaging nature of mankind and wanted to be somewhere else only to realise that he could never be happy with being praised. This is something that anyone would know, that having people do what you want all the time is going to get boring and now instead of being in a utopia he is in prison. He is being forced to stay on there by the warden because they didn’t want him to leave as Dr. Manhattan did, I couldn’t help but laugh at Adrian pointing out their clear abandonment issues. So Dr. Manhattan had to have known that Adrian was going to grow to dislike the Utopia because he could see that him and Angela’s relationship was going to end in tragedy, so my thought is that he gave Adrian that horseshoe and considering a day on earth is a year on Europa, Adrian could be arriving any day now.

Adrian was the one who gave Dr. Manhattan the device that allowed him to become human but before he does so, he visits with Angela’s grandfather, Will Reeves, so that he can help with Angela in 2019. We get ourselves caught in a sort of closed timeline loop where current, 2019 Dr. Manhattan, speaks with Angela as past, 2009 Dr. Manhattan, speaks with Will. There Angela sort of gives the information to Will about her Chief, therefore, prompting him to kill him, as we saw at the beginning of the season. It’s all kinds of frustrating as we know that the Seventh Kalvary are watching their house so that they can take Dr. Manhattan but Angela does not want to go down without a fight but he seems to be so okay with being taken by them. I guess you can see it as he can see the bigger picture and therefore doesn’t ever really want to interfere, he knows it’s important to let things happen, that being said I hope he wouldn’t just allow for things to get out of hand with the Seventh Kalvary.

All in all, this was an extremely informative episode of the season. With all the answers given to us, I couldn’t help but think about how this episode put us on the edge of our seats. The anticipation for the season finale is on a high as they need to close out so many storylines, Lady Trieu’s parents, the Seventh Kalvary and even Wade AKA Looking Glass, where is he? I am salivating trying to know more.

Rating: 8.8/10