We get some insight into one of the biggest mysteries of this season and that is of Lady Trieu. In the previous episode, we saw Lady Trieu try to help Angela and for a moment you believe that she is on her side but of course things are not what they seem. Lady Trieu is shown to be the daughter of Adrian Veidt through artificial insemination and when she goes to meet him, she tries to get him to help her make something that could help her obtain Dr. Manhattan’s powers. She is a lot like Adrian in the fact that she is smart and thinks that she knows better than anyone but unlike Adrian Lady Trieu thinks she is the only one to be able to help the planet and hence why she wants to obtain Dr. Manhattan’s abilities. Lady Trieu was smart though, by letting the Seventh Kalvary build everything she may need for her.

Adrian Veidt finally gets to escape Europa after all these years by sort of giving in to Lady Trieu and finally calling her his daughter. That being said through all of this episode one of the WTF moments for me was when Adrian said he has never given himself to a woman. Like not once? Ever? Why not? Anyway Adrian, of course, is not as loyal to Lady Trieu as she might think and I am surprised that she never thought that he might try and stop her from going through with it considering that John is his friend and Adrian has a way of trying to be the hero. So, of course, that gold statue of Adrian that we saw in episode 4 had to have been Adrian for real and Lady Trieu was just waiting until this moment to wake him. So that entity that landed way back in episode 4 had to have been the ship carrying Adrian. Nevertheless, Adrian is full of life after saving the day but he mistakenly thinks that he could just walk free but Laurie and Wade arrest him. Do I think it is going to stick? No, because he knows too much and so they will either let him go or have to bury what he has done deep down.

After all of the craziness, Angela and her grandfather talk. It took me a while but I think the reason that this conversation felt different immediately, for me, was that it is the first conversation her and her grandfather have without one hiding something or speaking through people (Lady Trieu or Dr. Manhattan). It seems that Will finally had let go of old wounds, not because he fought it out but because he finally identified why he felt the way he did, back then. At first, as we all thought, he thought he felt anger but in actuality it was fear and when he put on the hood he thought it would help him get rid of his anger but all it did was postpone his healing. I am glad that even though we never got to see it, he did eventually find some form of peace and I am glad he is now in Angela’s life to help her do the same.

There is a lot that can be said about symbolism and objective narration but the main reason why this episode was probably the best season finale of this year was that it did justice to the characters. Everyone that is in this show has a purpose and when each of them came through in each episode at first I could not see where they all fit in but at the end there when they all came together, everything made sense. It’s funny how the Seventh Kalvary were thought to be the main villain but their prejudice had them failing to see the bigger picture. To the point that even when Angela tries to warn them about Lady Trieu, they fail to look past their hubris. And now thinking about it so did Lady Trieu.

Anyway, do I think that Angela is going to become Dr. Manhattan? Maybe, maybe not. I like the idea that Dr. Manhattan could have done all of this because he knew he was going to die and that someone was going to get his abilities so at least he steered it towards someone who is good. Someone who not only does the right thing when she can but comes from a legacy of people doing the right thing and that is Angela.

Rating: 9.3/10