Now it wouldn’t be 2019 without another star-studded remake coming out. This time we have the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott ‘Little Women’.

This was such a talented cast and yet when people watched it they felt like it didn’t just sit right with them. Now there was that Teen Vogue article by Natalie De Vera Obedos that called out the casting for the movie, claiming that we are missing something cause all the characters in the film are portrayed by white actors but to be honest, I had no problem with that. I am not interested in a POC-pandered remake of a film like this because the problem is not the film casting itself.

Context is key. If there are only white people in the main cast, why is that? Where are the black people? Where are the Asian people? These people existed in those times and pretending like they didn’t is what makes past-era remakes like this cringe-worthy.

Look I get why people wanted to leave this narrative out: it’s not very romantic or nice but sadly racism isn’t romantic or nice. Do people think that if we find out that these characters we used to love were in fact racist, we wouldn’t root for them anymore?

Maybe. But that is the choice that should be made by the viewer and the storytellers should just be honest and true. Besides, all of this merely adds to the complexity of a character. Not everyone is ALL good or ALL bad and we need to stop portraying them as such. Maybe then we could all start understanding each other, in all our complexities.