The story of The Witcher’s first season is told with three main characters: Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg and Cirilla Princess of Cintra.

So the story is not completely told in order but it basically goes something like this: Queen Calanthe of Cintra had a daughter, Princess Pavetta. Because of his help in the matrimony, of the Queen’s daughter, Geralt of Rivia is granted a Law of Surprise (which bounds Geralt to something that they don’t yet know). In this case that was their daughter Princess Cirilla, the granddaughter of the Queen. So after the death of her daughter and son in law, Queen Calanthe cares for her granddaughter and keeps her close. So when Geralt comes back to Cintra and demands his Law of Surprise in the form of Princess Cirilla, obviously the Queen is not exactly happy. Now I understand why the Queen did not want to hand over her granddaughter, but it was a dumb decision. Then again it was more an informed dumb decision. See Queen Calanthe has seen firsthand what can happen if one chooses to ignore or go against the Law of Surprise AKA Fate itself, so to do so in a time when Cintra is just about to be invaded by Nilfgaard is just plain dumb. Geralt is not fooled by the Queen’s bait and switch but is too late in helping Princess Cirilla and she is forced to go on the run and hide from Nilfgaardians.

Now Geralt was also a little late in claiming his Law of Surprise but then again he was too busy following Yennefer around while Yennefer followed anything that can cure her infertility. I feel bad for this pair because you can tell they care about each other, I mean Geralt even bound himself to Yennefer but Geralt will never be able to give Yennefer what she wants and Yennefer will die trying to get it back and Geralt would die trying to stop her from dying. It’s a hell of a toxic circle but honestly, after Yennefer witnessed that one Queen offers up her baby daughter as a sacrifice, I thought she was going to become more of a cynic not go the complete opposite and try to have a baby of her own. Because choosing to become a parent is the most optimistic thing one can do and she was not the type before this. That being said unlike Geralt or Cirilla, Yennefer grows as a character and at the end there it seems like she finally accepts all the awful things that have happened in her life and lets it go. Nothing symbolises that catharsis more than when she blows all that fire to stop the Nilfgaardian army from getting through.

If you are looking for a completely happy ending than this show ain’t it but thankfully Cirilla and Geralt finally meet but Yennefer disappears after harnessing huge amount of power. I hope she is fine especially but I am guessing so considering her and Geralt’s fates were bound by Geralt himself, using his last wish.

With all that being said I did there are many moments to love throughout this show: anytime Yennefer uses her magic, Jaskier’s songs and the incredible graphics. My standout moments go out to whenever there is sword-fighting, particularly with Henry Cavill because don’t let these other shows fool you: actors doing their own sword-fighting makes the world of difference. There was a moment towards the end of the season that made me notice something that was pointed out many times afterwards: The lack of nude equality between the main characters. Look Cirilla is young so I was never expecting to see nudity from her, in fact, I was not expecting nudity at all but when they showed Yennefer nude, I was getting excited to see Geralt be the same way and yet there was nothing. I am disappointed not just because I wanted to see some Superman butt, which I did, but because there was no need for nudity at all especially if only one of the female main characters was going to be showing it.

Rating: 7.1/10