1. Watchmen

The first season of Watchmen was not only the best comic book show of 2019 but it may be the best of all shows in 2019. With it social commentary and use of real-life historic context the show was able to use vigilantes, families and friends to ask it’s audience the hard questions. Not only that, it was absurd and probably the only show to be equal with its nudity.

2. Doom Patrol

The first season of Doom Patrol was one of the most absurd and self-aware comic book shows I have ever watched. The show’s use of an almost-omnipotent narrator and hugely flawed (labeled D-list superheroes) characters allowed it to be the most rounded shows of the year.

3. Swamp Thing

The first and final season of Swamp Thing was the perfect blend of superhero awe and horror ambiance. This show focused more on the story behind all the strange things happening in and around the town instead of the main hero himself/itself.

4. The Boys

In a world where superheroes are treated like celebrities, The Boys goes deep into superheroes having endorsements and PR people and yet everything is not what it seems. This show tackles who and what should happen when superheroes run around unchecked to become extremely arrogant, violent, hypocritical creeps.

5. The Umbrella Academy

What if superheroes could be trained from a young age, what would happen? Well those kids will still become dysfunctional adults who either run from their abilities or use their abilities recreationally. Well that’s not the only thing wrong with this crazy super-powered family and I am using the term family real loose here.