Part 4 – Arrow

After completing his Spectre-training Oliver returns to help the seven Paragons stuck in the Vanishing point. They have been there for a month and are clearly losing hope and patience. I wish they kept up with the narration of Ryan throughout the episode or at least get Oliver as a narrator. The Monitor wanted to be a time-traveler but ended up travelling to the antimatter universe, therefore alerting The Anti-Monitor of the presence of the other universe. The Paragons have to try and stop the monitor from doing so but it does not matter because there many different Monitors because of the multiverse and therefore The Anti-Monitor still finds his way to their universe. The many versions of The Monitor were not addressed and I found that extremely disappointing. Barry has to find the paragons who got lost in the speedforce and we get some really great flashbacks at some of the many critical moments from the show Arrow. That being said the biggest moment Barry come across is when he comes face to face with none other than Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen himself. This had me all kinds of freaked out mainly because I wasn’t expecting it. No one was and to actually canonize the DCEU into the Arrowverse is amazing. Plus I have been dreaming of having a moment between the two of them, I even wrote about this in a blog post in 2017/2018. In a battle that was not long enough for my liking, Oliver OFFICIALLY dies saving them from The Anti-Monitor long enough for them to will back the universe, and that makes sense, Oliver going out in his own show’s episode of the crossover but I still was expecting to feel more, that being it was great visuals.

Rating: 6.9/10

Part 5 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

In this final episode we have some Flashpoint moments where things are the same but also not what they seem. It seems the Paragons are the only ones who remember the fight against The Anti-Monitor, although that gets corrected easy enough, and even more than that it seems like many of the heroes who fought in this battle’s earths got merged: namely Black Lightning’s and Supergirl’s earths are now all one. The heroes have to battle The Anti-Monitor again and again it was lackluster. With all that being said I know that this was technically a Legends of Tomorrow episode but I was hoping that they would tug on our heartstrings one final time, that they would show Oliver guiding all of the heroes or all of the moments he had with them. I don’t know why I was expecting Oliver to have prepared something for each of them, you know goodbye messages and all that. I mean the man knew he was going to die for a long time, why didn’t he leave them with something? Anyway, the Super Friends (or the Justice Society) seems to be officially formed that being said none of the words are actually used so I don’t know if that is a copyright issue.

Rating: 6.7/10

I can’t believe I am saying this but The Flash episode was actually the best episode of the crossover, it was the only one that captured the stakes and seemed to follow a well thought out plot. I guess the reason I am surprised is that you would think the Arrow episode would have held more weight.

Rating: 6.8/10