Saying goodbye to Arrow was never going to be easy but this episode, funnily enough, goes back to the original Arrow episode structure and it’s a welcome nostalgia.

In the present everyone gathers around Star City to say goodbye to Oliver, officially. Sarah goes to the future to take a hopeless Mia to her father’s funeral and it is a little sad that William cannot be around to partake but considering that there is a teenage version of William who can, it is not such a big deal. So after Crisis, I was expecting some heartfelt moments that Oliver could have shared with each of them, you know. They all say their goodbyes at a private funeral and Felicity and Mia get to finally meet. Everyone is there to say their respects and we get to see so many of the lives that Oliver has touched but more than that we get to see the people who got brought back because of Crisis. Namely Tommy, Moira, Quentin and Emiko. Earth-2 Laurel is disappointed that Earth-1 Laurel (who was married to Tommy in this timeline) was not revived but it makes sense considering everyone else’s death was preventable and Laurel’s was a sacrifice she made, the same can be said for Robert Queen, Oliver’s father. Laurel died a hero and there something to be said about keeping it that way. Besides, it can’t all be happy.

In flashbacks to 2012 we see Oliver and Diggle hunt down another name on Oliver’s father’s list, John Byrne, who was a human trafficker. As you can imagine, this was back in those days when Oliver was putting arrows in people cavalierly but Diggle tries to get him to turn him in to the authorities instead. In the present Byrne then kidnaps William as revenge for Oliver ruining his life. I guess what Oliver and Diggle considered mercy not having killed him, he took as torture. With all that being said Oliver inspires Mia one more time as she chooses to spare Byrne as well. Despite the kidnapping being an extremely disappointing plotline I loved that they used flashbacks again in this final episode, it felt so familiar.

There is just something missing from this Arrow finale and no, it was not the conclusion of Roy and Thea, it was not the revival of some of the characters, it was not the implication of Diggle becoming Green Lantern, it wasn’t the appearance of Sarah, Kara and Barry and no it was not the flashbacks used. No, what was missing from this episode was a look into how Oliver affected the characters individually. Again, I would like to point out that Oliver knew he was going to die in this crossover and yet he did not leave any messages for the people he left behind? That just doesn’t seem right. I thought that with Diggle taking the lead this episode there would have at least have been a group message.

Anyway, goodbye Oliver Queen. The original vigilante. The Hood. The Arrow. Green Arrow.

Rating: 7.1/10