This movie was not what I expected and I am here for it. There is something to be said about taking the narrative of an established character and turning it on its end, or even better yet using said character as a conduit for a bigger narrative.

Anyway, I will be giving you my highlighted characters from the movie:

  • Harley Quinn: There is a bigger question to be asked about the male gaze and how it rules how female movies are done but even bigger than that is the idea that men inherently should decide what is deemed on women as sexy. Here is Harley, a mentally unstable woman, who has a knack for finding a lover and living by their every word and you would think guys would understand how bad it is for women to be like that in real life. I mean the fact that men prefer Suicide Squad Harley over Birds of Prey Harley, is indicative of the greater problem with fanboys aka the men who Stan comic book characters. Look Harley is all for herself in this movie, she dresses for herself, she does what she wants and even though she finds herself still having to need other people’s help, she, in turn, teaches them about being free and sticking up for one’s self. Which is not something that I thought Harley Quinn would be teaching me. She’s still a terrible person and mentally unstable but something is amazing about her being aware of her absurdity. She has a PhD after all.
  • Dinah Lance: I am not going to lie Black Canary gave me a complex. I wear tight pants all the time and I can’t kick or lift my leg as well and as high as she can but I loved her. Dinah tries her best to not involve herself in the goings-on of what her boss or Harley is up to but she can’t help herself. Dinah, surprisingly not Renee Montoya, is the person you look for, for sanity throughout this whole mess. I feel her fear and cringe whenever she is around Victor or Roman and I feel her badass-ery every time she gets to fighting. It was the right choice hiring an actress that can sing for this role because that note she hits in “This is a Man’s World” was stellar. It’s truly sad that we only got to see the Canary Cry once but here’s hoping for sequels.
  • Victor Zsaz and Roman Sionis: Look you can tell me all you like about how straight Roman Sionis is and maybe I could believe you. Well before the Botox scene, I could. But there is something so similar to the relationship Victor has with Roman that mirrors the relationship Harley had with the Joker. Victor is oh so ready to do the bidding of Roman and honestly, that is why I think he never liked Dinah. Roman was walking around calling Dinah his “little bird”, dancing with her and giving her all this attention and I feel like Victor could not stand it. There is something to be said about how Harley should look at how Victor turned out and realise that had she not removed herself from said similar situation with the Joker she could have ended up dead as well.

So a women with anger issues, a drunk cop, a metahuman singer, a teenage pickpocket and a deranged psychiatrist team up to take down one of Gotham’s biggest gangsters, although I wonder how he even made it so far, and it is done through absurdity, in your face comedy, weird timelines and violence. I loved it, I hope they do many more, I would love to see the narrative of Harley having to choose between the girls and the Joker or even the girls and Poison Ivy or Poison Ivy (with the girls) over the Joker. This is a long-winded way of saying I want to finally see Harley dropkick that abuser. If you love the absurdity and violence of anything Gotham-related then you will love this.

Rating: 8.2/10