So just like all of you I was excited to see what The Flash has in store now that Crisis On Infinite Earths is over so let’s get right into it.

Iris has gone back to being in full-blown reporter mode this episode as she tries to uncover the truth behind this massive secret evil organisation known as Black Hole. This organisation is behind the disappearance of many metahumans including Allegra’s cousin Esperanza who then showed up all villainous. It makes sense that this kind of organisation has it’s own cleaner so when Iris continues to poke around McCullough Technologies and it’s acting CEO, Joseph Carver, she becomes a target that needs to be taken out. Iris escapes by the skin of her teeth as her source is killed in front of her. Joe cautions Iris that this is not like the Savitar situation or Crisis on Infinite Earths, she should not be running around like she has nothing to lose or like she is in ‘Crisis’ mode. It’s a wake-up call for Iris but to be honest, investigative journalism is always going to be dangerous and maybe just maybe Iris should hire Ralph or Frost to be security for when she is doing her secretive sleuthing. Anything that can be dangerous. I like what they are doing with Iris, even though she did not learn her lesson and goes snooping around McCullough Technologies again, alone, and gets her self taken into the mirror.

Something is going on with Barry. And I don’t mean the fact that he too is not over the death of Oliver. Barry drags Diggle to Lian Yu to investigate a clue he thinks Oliver left for him when he left him his first mask. Of course, there is nothing for Barry to find on Lian Yu but Barry seems to have a bit of a weird reaction as he unintentionally summons the speedforce in his hand. I know what you are thinking cause I was thinking it too: Barry could be dealing with his powers being enhanced and having no way of controlling it. That being said there is the whole idea that Barry’s speed has always been directly related to his emotional and mental state: From Season 1 when he lost his speed to Season 2 when he couldn’t run or Season 3 when he lost his memory and kissing Iris got him to unlock his speed. Does this mean we might get an ultimate Flash? Or does this spell certain danger for him? Will he learn to control it? I guess this finally now makes sense as to why there is going to be an episode in the future with the return of Reverse Flash and Kid Flash.

The rest of Team Flash tries to deal with the aftermath of Crisis. Mainly what does it mean now that some of the Earths got merged? It is without a doubt a dumb idea that some people know there’s a multiverse but just hasn’t gotten around to telling other people yet, specifically people on their team. I think it would have made more sense if they ALL thought the multiverse was destroyed but slowly and surely more people from different Earths stop by to prove them wrong. It would have been like Season 2 all over again. Anyway, Cisco seems to be the only one panicked about what merging Earths have done not only to their loved ones from other Earths but also all the villains. Cisco is trying to catalogue all the new and emerging threats and Frost suggests that it would be easier for him to do it away from S.T.A.R. Labs for a while. It is nice that it is not a complete dismissal of Cisco, I am guessing they are going to be name-dropping him a lot for the rest of the season though.

When Cisco leaves, he hands his Team Flash job over to Nash Wells. Now Nash seems to be doing the best he can to repent for his role in the Crisis but everyone seems to be meeting him with coldness. That being said, it seems the show is planning on forming a bond between him and Allegra as it seems she is probably a doppelganger of his daughter. I love Tom Cavanagh so I can’t wait to see what they are planning for his character.

Rating: 7.1/10