So picking up where we left off in the previous episode, we get to see what Iris has been dealing with now that we know she is trapped in the mirror. Iris meets Eva McCullough, who claims to have been trapped in the mirror ever since the particle accelerator. Now the reason I use the word ‘claims’ is because that means it has been almost 5/6 years she has been trapped and even though she seems to be exhibiting the signs of a person losing their mind due to isolation, I am not convinced that that is the whole truth. 

Even though Iris is convinced that Team Flash will help her get out of the mirror, she tries to help herself as well by using the method that got Barry out of the mirror when he was trapped. Although it was well-intentioned there are clear signs that this was not going to work as this case was extremely different. First, when Barry got trapped everyone could see he was. Second, when Barry got trapped another version of him did not just pop up and take over his life. And third, it was Caitlin AKA Killer Frost who was the only one who could get that level of cold to get Barry out. So Iris and Eva’s attempt failed but it seemed to give rise to Eva discovering her abilities. Hands up if you don’t think this is a coincidence. It can’t just be me.

Meanwhile, after searching for Sue Dearbon for months Ralph finally tracks her down. Sue claims that she is being targeted by an ex-boyfriend who also happens to be a gangster, John Loring. I say ‘claims’ because for someone who is running for her life she seemed way too cavalier about it. That being said, the chemistry between her and Ralph was undeniable and their interactions were the best parts of this episode. Sue double-crosses Ralph to steal a diamond, see it turns out Sue realised that Ralph was looking for her and used him to help her track down and steal the diamond. Sue escapes with it but it seems that she is conducting an investigation of her own as it turns out the diamond in question bears the secretive organisation’s, Black Hole’s, symbol.

The running plot throughout the back half of this season of The Flash seems to be focused primarily on this secret organisation. This episode Joe comes to Barry with evidence about corrupt cops within the CCPD. There seems to be corruption running ramped in Central City and something tells me that all roads lead back to Black Hole. With that being said, it seems Barry takes this lesson as a way to exhibit trust in his wife by handing her the mirror gun from last season. Meanwhile Nash has been hallucinating Harry and I can’t help but think that this may lead to him becoming Pariah again or the realisation that the multiverse is back.

Rating: 7.1/10