With Season 6 of The Flash starting all kinds of terrible and Season 5 of The Flash not being at all what we had hoped for, I have found myself analysing the main character himself, more and I do not like what I am seeing.

In Season 5, Barry traps his daughter, Nora, in the cortex and later even sends her back to the future over lying about working with the Reverse Flash. Both of these decisions were made unilaterally even though Iris was readily available to talk to, I mean it’s her daughter too. I keep thinking about the fight they had after he sent Nora back to the future about how I wanted Iris to say that for Barry it seems everything will always come second in importance to the day his mother died. I get it, we all get it, it was a terrible and traumatic thing that happened to him but he hasn’t moved on and it is bothering me. You see whenever something involves Reverse Flash or his mother everyone has to keep quiet and let him make all the decisions.

Anyway, the first half of this season could have been spent with Barry spending time with his wife, Iris, because not only did she just lose her daughter but she was about to lose her husband too. They didn’t do that and even though I didn’t like it, I knew Barry was not going to die and I was ready to see what their lives were going to be like now that Crisis is no longer looming over their heads. Well, the first couple of episodes after Crisis have not been great, although I love what they are doing with Iris, I am angry at Barry Allen. I can name three occurrences off the top of my head where Barry was not himself and Iris knew almost immediately: when Ramsey first infected Barry and after when she realised he was still on their side, and let’s not forget when Hannibal Bates shapeshifted into Barry. So how can Barry be so oblivious to Iris being a doppelganger? Look there are a lot of excuses floating around: It could be due to Crisis or Iris herself has just changed BUT they have been married for two years now and have known each other for about twenty years so how can he just not see it?

I saw someone point out that maybe it might be that even though Barry loved Iris way more in the beginning, her love for him grew and outgrew the love he has for her. So now the love they share is back to not being equal and it shows.

With all that being said I would love for them to create friction between Iris and Barry if she ever gets out the mirror because there is no way she should be okay with the fact that he has been sleeping with someone that was not the real her and he didn’t even know. On top of that, if Barry is not even the one to get her out the mirror, she should raise all kinds of hell.