This episode Barry tries to be his own one-man Team Flash. As other members of Team Flash are either doppelgangers (Iris), away indefinitely (Cisco) or being portrayed by visibly pregnant actors (Killer Frost). Barry spots some changes that are obviously due to Crisis on Infinite Earths, like Hartley Rathaway is now back to being a villain and his parents are no longer where they used to be buried. Although through all this he cannot seem to find the irregularities in his wife, Iris, that is for another time. Barry has come to grips with the changes left behind by Crisis and welcomes Chester to the team. Of course, Chester is like Cisco in that he is very technology-inclined but he is a Flash super-fan so I wonder how that will play out throughout the rest of the season. I also wonder if his abilities are ever going to be showcased or is he just supposed to stay as “the guy in the chair” character.

While trying to update himself and Gideon with all the changes from Crisis, Barry accidentally ends up in Grodd’s mind. Grodd is still in a neural inhibitor-induced coma after the fight he had with King Shark last season. They put him in that coma because Grodd’s intellect was growing way faster than they could control plus you know he had all those murderous/dictator tendencies. Grodd tells Barry that he has changed and that he wants to return to Gorilla City so he could live in peace. Barry does not believe Grodd and I do not blame considering what happened last they tried to help him. Anyway, after Barry reconciles with Grodd, he and Grodd merge to get past the “gatekeeper” in the form of Solovar. So Grodd is out on probation. Do I think this is going to last? No. Grodd has always been defeated one way or another by The Flash, directly or indirectly, and I think now that he had a brief glimpse into what it would be like if he was like the Flash I don’t think he will forget it. I like Grodd every time he is around only because he is such a smart animal but loses because he goes about things like an animal. 

Meanwhile, Iris is trying her best to work with Eva to help them get out of the mirror universe but Eva is extremely reluctant. Iris tries to get Eva to use the device she was working on when she got hit by the particle accelerator to get them out of the mirror but Eva then burns her arms when she reaches out of the mirror, basically showing that there is no way of leaving the mirror unscathed. It is then revealed that Eva is controlling the mirror Iris on the outside and that whatever happens to Eva happens to her. Now am I surprised? No. What I am confused about is why did Eva get burnt when she tried to get out of the mirror but when she snatched Iris into it she didn’t? So this is a clear indicator that Eva can’t get out of the mirror, so she has the mirror Iris looking for the mirror gun so she can be freed. So did Eva get trapped in the mirror all those years ago? Or did someone trap her there? So Eva is either just using shady means to get out of the mirror because she wants out or she wants out to get her revenge on the person who trapped her there or and I think this is more likely, Eva got trapped in the mirror because she was too dangerous and releasing her could release all kinds of hell.

Have you been wondering what Nash’s relationship with the Allegra on his earth is? No. Well, neither have I. Either way Allegra freaks out when she realises that Nash is projecting said bond on to her. Nash wants to explain himself but he is starting to see the doppelganger of another Wells, Sherloque. Now it is obvious that Nash is losing his mind but in the end, there it seems like his hallucination physically grabbed him. This, of course, could also have been in his mind but now that the Reverse Flash is being teased, I don’t think that it is a good idea to ignore these hallucinations anymore. But we will see, the next episode is a speedforce-centric one.

So all around not a bad episode. With Eva being confirmed as a villain I can’t help but think of all the other Rogues that they could bring to the table. This could be the beginning of their new origin story and I am here for it. I guess we will see, we didn’t get the Rogues the way we wanted them last season so hopefully, this will be better. 

Rating: 7.1/10