The Good:

  • Lighting and editing: The difference between a show like this and any other African show is clear the moment it starts. There is so much to be said about how beautiful Africa is but often that it is not depicted well enough on TV screens. I always think about how good smartphones these days can take such good videos of African skyline and scenery but big professional cameras can’t do the same. Anyway, that also leads to me add about how this show is cut together so well, there are perfect moments of zooming in and panning out. They work out so perfectly.
  • African context, not just a African version of a show but more a spy show with African context: I honestly have to give this show it’s props because I was expecting a version of any American spy show like Nikita or Quantico and in a way it was but there is something to be said about not having to borrow terrible American storylines. Africa is filled with its problems and more than that the problems are extremely unique. Engaging with Africa means engaging with it’s past and current problems, I think this show did that well. Another thing that it engaged with well was how easily we want to believe in people but also how easy it is for those who considered themselves good to become radicalized.
  • Actors have good chemistry: Every single one of the actors on screen were amazing at what they do but more than they seemed to have an ease of chemistry between them. You could feel the chemistry between Queen and William. I wouldn’t mind having a William in my life, personally, shout out to Khathu Ramabulana.

The Bad:

  • Some forced English: Look I get that not everyone in Africa speaks the same language, hell South Africa has 11 languages alone but I think you could feel for some actors that at times some of the dialogue was a force to get out because it had to be in English. I guess that maybe they could add some space for people to struggle to get words out. I have no problem seeing someone struggle with an English word because I know that in reality for a lot of non-English speakers that is something that happens normally.
  • Not the best fighting scenes, if the show is to get another season they could use a new stunt coordinator: Okay, I am going to put Pearl’s or her stunt double’s weird screaming on hold to talk about how the stunts were a bit mundane. I am not asking for superhuman strength but this is a spy show so I guess I was hoping for more spice in the fight scenes. Something that we don’t get to see often on African shows.
  • Lean in more to the conspiracy surrounding Queen’s mother’s death and make it more of a big deal because the other spy mission stuff, especially with Ekaterina Gromova, could have been background noise: The highlight of this season should have been about the conspiracy surrounding the death of Safiya Sono. Almost every waking moment should have been spent trying to piece together what happened and keep the stuff happening within the agency to the background. Maybe both paths lead to the same place or maybe Queen needs to Bruce Wayne style and let the past go because bigger things are happening. I don’t know but even though the ending result was the same there was a better way of going about it.

I think this new generation of African TV series watchers are going to enjoy this show, not just because it is in Africa. It is a show that deals with something that us “born-frees” have been struggling with since we got of age: ‘How do we deal with the older generation?’ There is this need for us to be better, to move in a new direction but Africa is often filled with extremely corrupt leaders and don’t get me wrong corrupt leaders are everywhere but in Africa, it is often difficult to fight them because of their reputation. See, often African leaders were also freedom fighters and the fact that most of them are the direct reason that we have democracy today is hard to reconcile with the fact they are selling Africa out to the highest bidder right now.

Want to learn a thing or two about Africa? Looking for a good time? Interested in seeing a spy show with different context? Looking for a badass female main character? This show may just be for you.

Rating: 7.5/10