Iris West-Allen in the mirror: At the beginning of this season, the writers seemed to listen to the complaints made about how the show had used the character of Iris West in the past and it was a welcome change-up. See often Iris was used as a pick me up for Barry when something went wrong with his Flash-related activities but this season saw Iris return to what she does best: being a journalist. Of course, her Lois Lane antics get her in deep trouble with a criminal syndicate and even though she was able to ward them off it doesn’t stop a bigger threat from interfering with her life. See Iris is yanked into what has been dubbed the “mirrorverse” where she shares the space with Eva McCullogh, who has supposedly been missing since the day of the particle accelerator, basically for 5-6 years. Now Iris doesn’t immediately suspect Eva of any wrongdoing and for a while it does seem like Eva was just in there losing her mind but it didn’t explain the Mirror Iris roaming around, living her life, sleeping with her husband and looking for the Mirror Gun and other objects. See Eva is unable to leave the mirror and she is using the Mirror Iris and then Mirror Kamilla to get the pieces she needs together so she can leave. Of course, there are many questions to this: Is she actually a villain or is she just trying to do everything she can, shady or not, to get out the mirror? Because she has been stuck there for YEARS. Was Eva purposefully trapped there? Does that make her more dangerous when she gets out? Will she seek revenge on those that trapped her? Will she be needed to be trapped again? I wish they explored this more and I hope they deal with Iris suspicions sooner. I also hope that she gets herself out because there is nothing that has been bothering me more than the fact that no one but Wally seemed to notice something different in her but also there is the whole Cecile of it all, also her husband’s neglectful ways. If he is the one to get her out then more power to him but I think the last couple of episodes are going to have to deal with the resentment Iris will have after the fact.

Nash Wells and the rest of the Wells’: Look I am never one to complain when we get some top tier Tom Cavanagh acting but I am not going to lie, I have been finding his storyline in this season the most missing for me. Nash Wells is such an interesting character to explore, pun intended, and the show has not been using him right. So this latest episode ‘The Exorcism of Nash Wells’ was good and filled with emotion but again, what is going on with his character? What the hell is this storyline? I mean can the show only have one decent storyline running at the same time as the others? Cause honestly this one is not making sense. So Nash Wells officially has the consciousness of all the other Wells’ in the multiverse in his head and even though they were able to remove Reverse-Flash the others will be permanently with him. Huh? Like the multiverse is back people!! How did that fact not come up this episode? Why is it that he is the only one that is experiencing this convergence in his head? Maybe this might link back to him becoming Pariah again which would make sense but also‚ĶHuh? How would that work?

Barry Allen post-Crisis: So I had a feeling something was up with Barry’s powers but I thought that since Barry was given a sort of power boost, that it was just him not being able to control the huge amounts of power he now posses but that was not it. So it turns out that Barry’s abilities have been acting up the same way every other speedster’s abilities have been acting because the speedforce is dying. After all, it got infected with the Spectre’s power. Now, Barry then sees this as an opportunity to create his speedforce the same way Thawne did. Of course, there are going to be consequences for this because there is no way one can just create something like that but if the show does this right we could get a fast forward sort of episode where we get to see what happened when Thawne created his speedforce, the Negative speedforce. I like Barry Allen but it would be nice for him to get back to his day job, I mean bring back Barry’s lab and cases. The same cases that would sometimes be metahumans and sometimes not. I mean if Barry did his job and starting helping investigate Black Hole it could lead him to finally getting Iris out but at this point, I have zero hope for the man.

Of course, the show has a lot of work to do and the there is not a lot of episodes left for them to get better in so hopefully they use this production break due to the rona (Covid-19) to regroup and reassess.