The Bad:

Ensemble Cast? Or an Ava story?

This show was marketed to me as a story about Ava BUT this was an ensemble cast as everyone contributed so well to the progression of the story. Look, I know that everyone’s first thought is to hate on Ava because it wouldn’t be a show if people didn’t hate on the main female character for choices we would or wouldn’t necessarily make. I think the main problem I had with this is that they spent about 65% on Ava and 35% on everyone else. Does that make sense? No, because if this was supposed to be about Ava, I need an Elena amount of focus and this could have been extremely helpful for her exploring her trauma of being paralyzed all these years. How she feels about it and how she feels about being free. If this was supposed to be an ensemble cast, I needed them to cut to scenes with Mary or Beatrice a lot more because I still feel like I don’t understand Beatrice’s backstory or Mary’s relationship with Shannon. This is just a note on how they should proceed.


Honestly, I think the problem with the pacing came from a need to give a couple of answers to some of the questions that had been popping throughout the season. Not everything is as it seems and even though we found out some things like who killed Shannon and the real story of the Halo, many things were left unanswered. So, without giving too much away the beginning of the show sets up many plotlines mainly surrounding why the halo “picked” Ava, who got Shannon killed etc. etc. As the show progresses more questions get asked and the show sort of gives the answers we want by giving us the villain we think we already know. At the end though, it becomes clear that that is not true which leads to betrayals and battle. The latter only happens in the final episode. Now, most shows would have a battle and then end the show in the betrayal but combining both and adding the storytelling of the backstory around the halo caused for everything towards the end to be rushed and the show ending at the beginning of a battle and on a cliffhanger. Although an interesting turn of events, it was rushed and I am not sure of the odds of someone sticking around the show long enough to wait for it to get to the finale.

The Good:

Sister Mary

When we first met Mary, she was losing someone close to her and even though clearly in pain she seemed to tough it out and was determined on finding Shannon’s killer. I was ready to roll my eyes at all the ‘Strong Black Woman’ tropes they were throwing at me and in my defence at the beginning of the show, they were throwing a lot but that is not Mary in her entirety and I like it. Mary is not like the others, she is not a Nun, she just believes in what they were trying to do. She is so caring and episode 6 (Titled: Isaiah 30:20-21) when she is in the village that the Warrior Nuns had fought in, you can see her caring side and it is great to see how people care for her as well. I wish we got to see more of her relationship with Shannon.

Sister Beatrice & Sister Camila

These two are probably the most devoted of all the Warrior Nuns but not to just to the fight against demons but their faith. It is something special to see them reconcile with their orders, their faith and what is right. In the end, they both make the right decision and they are both the epitome of team players. I have to give a special shout out to Beatrice who can school them all on religious texts and teachings and can kick a dozen men’s asses at the same time. Her battle outfit is a thing of beauty and was causing the usual stirs on twitter. I wish we got find out more about why she struggles so hard with her faith and herself because she is easily a great character on the show and she and Camila deserve more screen time.


I am not going to lie to you, shows based on certain religions are hard to get into. Yet this show toed the line of religious but not preachy and also not blasphemous. I think a lot of people struggle with religion and that is why it was equally important to show evil Nuns (the one who kills children) and good ones (Beatrice and Camila). I think that this show was just trying to show people that good and bad isn’t based on religion but on what is right. That is why it is difficult for even Mother Superion to remain a bystander for so long. I think it is important to note how this season showed us how religious beliefs can be used to manipulate people as many feats of extraordinary science can be indistinguishable from magic and/or miracles and/or angelic ability. So what is the right thing to do when the things you have been taught are based on a lie? Is Adriel the bad guy or just one that opposes them?


  • Why did the halo not reject Ava? Basically, how does it choose who it wants to be bonded with? Cause Mother Superion got rejected.
  • How did Father Vincent find about Adriel?
  • Adriel could see all because of his connection to the pieces of his armor but could he also communicate with people on the outside?
  • What is the Tarask and why is after the halo? Cause it was after it even when Adriel was in control of the halo.
  • What happened to Lilith after she was injured by the Tarask? Cause she is sporting some interesting new abilities and it’s got me curious.
  • What is Jillian’s son (Michael)? Cause he knew so much about what was happening with ever leaving his room.
  • Is this show a sort of multiverse show disguised as a religious one because of the lack of understanding of the people in this universe?

Rating: 6.8/10