The Good:

Allison Civil Rights Fighter: I am not going to lie, I was pleasantly surprised that the show went there with her storyline. See it would have been lazy to have Allison living in the ’60s but doing nothing to help it along, especially because we all know how important Civil unrest was during those days. Allison was in the middle of it. She was getting her hands dirty for the struggle and I have to admit I was proud. I also LOVED the scene when she landed about how Black Salon became her haven during the time she was stuck in the past it was a great message about how Black Women sticking together and standing up for each other. Those were the same women defending her when she wanted to go ahead with the protest and the restaurant and the men didn’t want to without her husband. And Allison’s husband. They make such a pair. I am a huge fan of Yusuf Gatewood, I don’t know if you have ever watched The Originals, but he is a damn powerhouse of talent and the chemistry he and Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison, have is unmatched. I am not going to lie, it must have been difficult for Allison to not use her powers during this time after she got back her voice of course. I think a lot about that scene where she uses her abilities on the waiter at the restaurant where they had protested and it seems like just like Vanya, she has a hard time controlling herself. Allison struggled with using her powers when she used them on her daughter and then when she tried to use them on Vanya her throat got cut so it’s not exactly her fondest memories.

Klaus/Ben Claustrophobic Cult Leader: Klaus starting a cult? On-brand. Klaus running away from that same cult for being too clingy? On-brand. Klaus is my favourite character on the show only because he is the only one who has no choice in the way that his powers manifest. He has been carrying Ben around with him since his death. A lot of the way we see the Klaus and Ben interactions is from the Klaus side where he is haunted by his dead brother and in this season you often see Klaus not even trying to hide that he speaks with his brother. Not around his family, of course. Ben gets a lot more screen time this time around and you can understand how it might seem like he is the one that is haunted in the situation they are in. He has to watch his brother and siblings fight and hate each other. While the brother he is tethered to destroys his mind and body with drugs and alcohol. When Ben sacrifices himself, I was in tears. He was always conscious on Klaus’s shoulder and even though Klaus rarely listened, I know for him it was comforting so I was wondering how Klaus was going to survive without him there anymore.

The Bad:

Number Five, Luther and Diego are different versions of daddy issues: Look Reginald Hargreeves was not a good father. He was neglectful and emotionally abusive. But there was always the one son who tried to do right by him and that was Luther. Luther thinks that after his run-in with his father that he has moved past his need for one but finds one in the Jack Ruby. Luther needs a father-figure in his life and it wasn’t until Five pointed out how Luther only sees authority from older men that you realise that Luther stays looking for guidance. It is quite irritating, to say the least. Look I cannot be mad at Diego for hating his father. I understand why. The reason I am mad at Diego is that it is pointed out to multiple times and it is quite obvious that the main reason he does the things he does is that he too is trying to prove something to his father. Diego wants to believe, just like Luther, that he is the hero by interfering with a significant moment in time. When he found out that his dad was involved, I knew he would never let it rest especially after his father scolded him for over-estimating himself. He wants so badly for his dad to be the main bad guy and unfortunately even though his dad is a bad guy, he is not the bad guy and Diego causes so many unnecessary problems by not seeing that. Was I expecting Number Five to be the voice of reason again? Yes. To give context here: Number Five was warned by his father about travelling through time but did it anyway. Five then landed in a post-apocalyptic time in the future. Five spent most of season 1 trying to make sure that the apocalypse did not happen and in season 2 it seems the family brought the apocalypse, back in time, with them. Five finds out that their father could have some information and he tries to get him to help. The problem I had with this is that Five sees his father as this well of knowledge as if he isn’t, in fact, older than his father. I do like that his father warned him about how his ambitions might be larger than his abilities. Because Five is, unfortunately, now becoming quite a regular at getting himself in over his head. He listens to his father for a moment but I still think he hasn’t learnt his lesson of taking on things that are too much for him.

The Questions:

  • So Diego can control any weapon? I thought it was knife-throwing? Can someone expand on this?
  • Have the things they have done in the past irreversible?
  • What are the consequences of what they have done to the timeline?
  • I understand how Lila can be one of them because she was born on the same day but how does she have multiple abilities?
  • Does this mean there are other children with their abilities?
  • Why haven’t those children caused any problems? It’s not like Vanya and the rest could control themselves all that well.
  • What is Reginald Hargreeves? An Alien from where? What is he doing here? What does he want here? What does he know about these superpowered children that they don’t know?
  • If they returned to 2019, why are the members of the ‘Sparrow Academy’ still children? Shouldn’t they be adults like them?
  • If Ben is still alive does this mean we could see adult Ben again?
  • Where did Lila go?
  • What will The Commission do now that all of the board members and The Handler are dead?

With all that being said I am liking the way they dealt with Vanya this season. I mean the girl has some issues, but I love how the siblings decided to take ownership of it when they tried to save her from being the bomb that brings about the apocalypse. I like that she stands up for herself although people choosing to stay with the people in the past neglecting how that brings about the end of the world is problematic. I like the scenes with Vanya, Allison and Klaus, they make a chaotic but funny group. I also like them more when they are getting alone although Five got scary towards the end there.

Rating: 8.4/10