First things first this show is quirky as hell. Think about The Good Place only minus the ethical lessons because life/afterlife is rarely like that. I always thought that despite The Good Place is nice, I think Upload hits the nail on the head in terms of what people would actually want from their afterlife. Less double rainbows and unicorns and more fantastic food, good sex and no consequences.

This show surrounds Nathan Brown a young man who is gravely injured in a car accident and chooses to upload his digital self into the afterlife instead of taking his chances with surgery. This show takes place in the future but not too in the future that things are unfamiliar and need to be explained like in Altered Carbon.

Another thing that makes this show good: Sidekicks Luke and Aleesha played by Kevin Bigley and Zainab Johnson (she’s actually a hilarious comedian, you should check her stuff out). The dynamics that these two have is out of this world. See, Nora is the type of companion/Angel she is because it is clear she sees the value in it whereas you can see that Aleesha sees it as a job and let’s not lie Luke is the worst client to be in charge of. The man is always doing stuff and going places he shouldn’t but at the same time, I understand how tedious life in the afterlife can get if you have been there for a long time.

Upload was simultaneously cynical and hilarious and yet surprisingly not preachy. Don’t get me wrong the show showed all the sad parts about what it might feel like to die. All of the livings’ worst fears from Dylan, a 12-year-old kid being stuck that age despite dying over 6 years ago and Nathan being on the pinnacle of reaching his life’s dream. In the afterlife, Nathan is surrounded by people who have accomplished everything they wanted to or people who enjoyed a life of luxury and are now just continuing it and it leads him to many existential crises.

One of the many themes that flow throughout this show is how the rich will always be the ones to benefit the most from world advancements. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the afterlife is not free and the difference that Upload shows between the people who are living a world of luxury in Lake View compared to the people stuck in 2 Gigs (of data, aka prepaid) is a perfect example for how the outside world works. In the afterlife, the people who have to live in 2 Gigs can’t even think without using up their data, they get experimental food and only previews of books. It is so sad and makes it understandable that poor people would jump at the chance to upload their children when sponsored or when winning the lottery, no matter how young, cause to them that is the best ‘life’ their children could ever live. Chilling.

I love shows that don’t try to be more than what they are and the main cast that this show has chosen to focus on allows it to be a fun and down to earth show on what we as a people may want our afterlife to become or not. It also has an underlining conspiracy plot that brings out the best in its main character, dipping into that same The Good Place storyline about if people can really be better people after they die. The only thing that I would hope this show would do in its upcoming season 2, would be to give my girl Aleesha and Luke some more plot points. I don’t need a romantic story, I just need them to shine more because they are comedy gold.

Rating: 8.0/10

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